Give the Gift of Astonishing Imagination With WowWee #Review


WowWee designs, develops, markets, and distributes innovative robotic toys and consumer entertainment products.  Astonishing imagination combined with superior design and construction sets WowWee apart from its competitors.


Coji is a great way to teach your child to program with a language they already know…EMOJIS!  My 5 year old daughter is in love with all of the different emoji symbols and was really excited to see that she can make Coji learn and move using silly emojis.  Download the Coji app on virtually any device and your child is ready to play and learn.  Coji will challenge his playmates with different skill-testing games. Coji helps encourage critical thinking with his variety of games and small problems that need solving.  In one game, your child will use emoji code to safely direct Coji’s digital avatar through a maze – avoiding obstacles along the way.  In another, Coji becomes a physical controller for the digital world.  There is really no limit to what your child can do with Coji.

Today’s kids love using smartphones and tablets, and will have fun using the Coji app on their smart device to control Coji.  My kids are just like any other and love their screen time, but I don’t like them spending too much time on their devices…it’s so important to move your body and play!  When screen time is over, your child can also interact directly with Coji which is something that my daughter really enjoyed.  This adorable robot reacts to physical stimulation such as tilting and shaking.  Your child will ‘LOL’ as Coji steals their ‘heart’ with pre-programmed responses.


WowWee makes more than just robots…there’s also a nice assortment of lifestyle products as well!  Elektrokideez are fun new collectable figures from WowWee.  Each character is styled and dressed in their favorite music genres. Collect and trade all 48 styles, put together a mini poster with the included stickers, or you can even use them as a pencil topper.  Take a little bit of fun and inspiration with you wherever you go with this cute little Elektrokideez.

Give the gift of astonishing imagination this holiday season with WowWee.

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***