Make Magical Memories With MagicMeeMees #Review


MagicMeeMees are SO small, they’re only 100 millionth the size of you!  Make magical memories with all of the MagicMeeMees.  Take them on an adventure, make friends, eat healthy snacks, and play in their magical worlds.  Where will you find them?  In the fridge, fruit bowl, or even a candy jar?  Sky is the limit with your imagination and their magic.


From playsets to characters to surprise packs, there’s so many ways to have fun with MagicMeeMees.  Pennygwen is the cute little character that is included with the IceLand Playset and she’s here to freshen up your day.  She’s a natural at ice skating and loves sharing an ice cream cone with friends just like you.  Mellow Manny is from Sweetsland and it’s easy to see why!  He’s more distracted than mellow and can be quite helpful when he can stay on task.  No matter which MagicMeeMee you’re playing with, you’ll have some of the most fun-filled adventures!

Collect all the characters and make some of the most magical memories ever this holiday season with MagicMeeMees.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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