Learning Box Preschool Week 13 #Review


As Halloween drew nearer Jade was more and more excited by the day.  She was anticipating the fun day and really enjoying the Learning Box Preschool lessons that went along with the Halloween theme.



Practicing the letter ‘P’ and she’s so good at it!  She loves how ‘pumpkin’ starts with ‘p’.


We’re still continuing with our AAB pattern and Jade did a great job making this pattern with pumpkins and pointing out the AAB patter on the wall.


Matching emotions was no match for this little smarty pants!  She was able to make all the matches without needing any assistance, what a smart girl!


The jack-o-lantern phase of the pumpkin life cycle is probably the most fun of all!  Jade had fun drawing a jack-o-lantern and putting it in her pumpkin life cycle book.



Jade has done a fabulous job remembering all of our sight words.  With the addition of one of her own words, she can read a whole sentence!!


After jack-o-lantern there are plenty of seeds to plant to start the pumpkin life cycle all over again.


We’ve had so much fun making various types of pumpkins and Tuesday was no exception.  Stuffing a paper bag with old newspaper was easy and with a little paint and one piece of ribbon you’ve got one creative pumpkin.



Jade did a fabulous job sorting all of the cards into the right column.  She’s an expert on the number 3!


In Jade’s Pumpkin Book, she was SUPER excited to see a page where she gets to draw her own pumpkin.  She couldn’t wait to create a fun and unique pumpkin.


This little pumpkin pro did a great job putting together the life cycle of the pumpkin.  We even went outside and planted a few seeds.  (I know they probably won’t grow, it’s the wrong time of year to plant them, but she had fun and I wouldn’t have it any other way.)



Thursday was a day that Jade really enjoyed!  She got to change up a rectangle and see how many different things a simple shape can become.


PUMPKIN MAN!!!  What a fun activity this was!  Jade is still carrying around her new buddy pumpkin man and having Halloween adventures with him.


Friday we took a day off and participated in some local Halloween activities.  That’s one of the beautiful benefits of Learning Box Preschool…you can contour your plan to YOUR life, and let your child really get the fullest experience they possibly can.

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***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***



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