Give The Gift Of Fun With Pressman Toys #Review



Pressman Toys has been around since 1922, and it has been a force for innovation in the US toy market ever since.  Pressman Toy was the first company to offer a toy doctor’s bag, inspiring generations of American children while making modern medicine a little less scary.  Pressman Toys has been delighting families for decades, bringing families closer together and inspiring children in fun, new ways.


I am a mother of three children, ages ranging from 5 to 13, and it seems like these days it’s harder than ever to keep kids off electronic devices.  What ever happened to good old fashioned play like when I was little??  I am on a mission to keep electronic play as limited as possible, and Pressman Toys was more than happy to send along some games for my children and I to try out.


My daughter is absolutely obsessed with Shopkins…but then again…what little girl isn’t?  My daughter instantly fell in love with the Shopkins games we got from Pressman Toys and they have gotten SO MUCH use in the couple weeks that we have had them.

The Shopkins Pop ‘N’ Race Game is a fun spin on a game I played as a little girl.  This well-known board game brings Shopkins characters to life.  Players pop the dome to roll the die, then move their playing pieces around the board.  When they land on another player’s piece that player is in trouble–they have to move their playing piece back to Start.  The first player to get all four playing pieces from Start to Home wins the game.

The Shopkins Secret Sweets Game is a great way to keep kids engaged and having fun.  Kid’s favorite Shopkins Sweet Treats are hiding in Shopville’s Candy Shop! Players Start with three Shopkins Secret Sweets Squares and try to find their matching Shopkins Candy Coins.  I love how this game teaches little minds the basics of playing a game while also helping in shape/object recognition.

The Shopkins Designer Dash Game was my daughter’s favorite of the Shopkins games.  The first person to complete a whole outfit (hat, accessory, shirt, bottoms) wins the game.  My little girl loves creating her own fashion looks and this game easily made it’s way to top of the list for her favorite games.


Tween/Teen boys can be so hard to keep entertained!  My sons go to school semi-year round so when these games arrived on their 2 week intercession I was incredibly relieved.  These games have kept my sons busy the whole break, there’s been very little fighting, and I’m one happy mama right now.

My boys really like the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series, so when I came across The Wimpy Kid 10-Second Challenge game, I knew it was one we had to try out.  This game features jumping challenges, balancing challenges, offbeat, unusual and brainy challenges. If you can do them in 10 seconds or less, you can outwimp your friends and win the game.

Tumble is a new spin on a game I’m sure we all played as a kid.  You slide the sticks through the support section, add the marbles on top, and start pulling sticks!  When all of the marbles have fallen, the player with the least amount of marbles wins.

Last but not least, Who Is It?  Players each secretly select one character, then try to guess who their opponent picked using “Yes” or “No” questions to narrow down the possibilities. Is it a woman? Does she have brown hair? Can you ask great questions to guess who it is? This fun kids game is easy to learn (if players don’t already know how to play), and it’s one of the best deductive reasoning games on the market.

I am LOVING how much my kids have been enjoying these games.  It’s nice to see them getting along, doing something that doesn’t involve staring down at a screen or device.  This holiday season, give the gift of good old fashioned fun with some of the fun new Pressman Toys games.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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