Learning Box Preschool Week 9 #Review


We just finished week 9 with Learning Box Preschool, and each week just keeps getting better and better.  The lessons are laid out very well for parents like me to walk through the curriculum just as a teacher would.  Jade is retaining everything we’re learning and I love seeing her just grow and grow.



Monday was September 26th and it was a very special day indeed.  My sweet little princess turned 5!!  Something we didn’t know was that Jade shares a birthday with Johnny Appleseed!  Monday we got to do some fun activities while learning about Johnny Appleseed and the legend Jade shares a birthday with.

Tuesday:  Poor Jade wasn’t feeling the greatest Monday (and on her birthday poor girl) so she took the day off 😦


(On Wednesday we made up for Tuesday, so pictures will be labeled with which day they are.)


Fabulous Fall theme day 17.  Jade got to create a fun little fall themed book, following along perfectly with our fall theme this month.


Fabulous Fall theme day 17.  Seeds are very important…they grow into the food that gets harvested in the fall.  Jade made a beautiful picture from different kinds of seeds, she made a beautiful heart.


Fabulous Fall theme day 18.  One of the best parts of fall is the leaves changing colors.  The leaf book Jade is coloring is so much fun to learn about the different fall leaf colors.


Fabulous Fall theme day 18.  I love the board games that get included in our kits.  It helps reinforce Jade’s counting skills while having monthly themed fun.

On day 18 of the Fabulous Fall theme box, we also did a little letter review of the 3 letters we’ve learned so far.  I thought it would be fun to make a video to show you all that these kids really learn with these materials.  You can see our letter review video here.



Thursday had another fun letter review activity that Jade did really well with.  She was able to sound out the picture and find the letter that made the sound with no problem!


Jade also got to do a fun counting/match the picture game.  She got to pick a number, and find the picture with the matching number of objects.  She did a great job, she’s getting so smart 🙂


One of the best parts of fall is jumping in leaf piles, and that’s what Jade loves best.  She drew fun colored leaves that come from the moon.



Friday had a fun little review book for Jade to do.  She has really got the hang of this month’s theme, and is ready to start the new theme next week.


This smart little cookie just flew through her letter review sheet.  I’m so impressed with how well these materials are working to teach her little mind.


The last Fabulous Fall review activity was one that Jade found so fun!  She had to draw a number and put the matching amount of leaves on the tree.  She put the leaves around the nest to keep the babies warm…what a sweet little girl.

Stick around next week and see what fun new theme we begin!

If you missed any of what we’ve done so far, you can find the week 1 post here, week 2 post hereweek 3 post here,  week 4 post hereweek 5 post here, week 6 post here, week 7 post here, and week 8 post here.

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***


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