Learning Box Preschool Week 8 #Review


I can’t believe it’s already been 8 weeks that Jade and I have been doing Learning Box Preschool…she has grown and learned so much!  She’s got her sight words down really good now and is learning in leaps and bounds.



On Monday Jade got to make a fun little book all about the number 2.  She had a lot of fun tracing the book pages, then cutting the pages and stapling it together.


Owls are very fun little creatures to learn about, especially when you get to make an awesome owl puppet!  Jade did a great job following directions and building her puppet very well.


Birds are fun, but painting with feathers is even more fun!  Jade picked her favorite color, pink, to paint a beautiful feather picture.


The best kind of bird nest is an edible one!  It was hard to take pictures of making the nests since we had to move so fast, but all you need is chow mein noodles, marshmallows, and butter and you’ve got some tasty bird nests!  Fill them with peanut mm’s or jelly beans for eggs, yummy!



Circles can be made into all kinds of different fun pictures.  Jade had a blast going through her little book and making circles into things like the sun, an ice cream cone, and a face.


Still going with the number 2, Jade had fun doing her activity sheet.


Apples are a part of fall, and Jade did a great job making her construction paper apple.


Even better than making a paper apple is making apple stamps from REAL apples and painting with them!



Is it 2?  Jade did a great job categorizing the pictures into the proper columns…smart little girl.


Those oh-so important sight words are great to keep on reinforcing.  Jade did a great job with this exercise.


Circles, circles, and MORE circles!  I gave Jade a variety of circles in different sizes and she did a great job putting them into the correct spots where they belonged.

Unfortunately, Thursday and Friday we had a family emergency that called us away from home for a couple days.  That’s the beautiful part of taking control of your child’s curriculum…you can flex your schedule around your needs.  We will pick up where we left off tomorrow and continue on.  The benefit to missing a couple days means we start our October box on the first Monday of October so I guess it worked out.

If you missed any of what we’ve done so far, you can find the week 1 post here, week 2 post hereweek 3 post here,  week 4 post hereweek 5 post here, week 6 post here, and week 7 post here.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the curriculum box provided free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.***


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