Week 37 On Nutrisystem…Loving The New Me! #NSNation #Ad


Hello week 37!!!  I have been SO patient and SO dedicated…what an amazing life changing journey this has been so far!  I’m very proud to say I had success with my new food options this past week and lost another 1.2 lbs for a grand total of 50 lbs!!  I still have a hard time believing that the Nutrisystem program works so well.


I will be the first person to tell you that some days haven’t been as easy as others.  There are days where I would love to just have one of the kids’ cookies, just one serving of potato chips…willpower is key to getting through those days.  I stick to the plan, have something Nutrisystem approved that’s comparable, and just keep going.  One day, one ounce at a time, I have become 50 lbs lighter and I’m LOVING the new me!  Just 10 more pounds to my goal and I’m hoping you all stay with me for the rest of the journey.  It’s crazy to me that less than a year ago I was that unhappy ‘before’ person.  Never again thanks to Nutrisystem!

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