Thermal Insulated Blackout Grommet Window Curtain #Review #FACAISHU


I received this FABULOUS Thermal Insulated Blackout Grommet Window Curtain blackout window curtain and I have to admit, I was blown away when it arrived.  The pictures on the Amazon listing do it no justice, it is stunning!  The curtain is very well made, and will look beautiful in any room you intend to place it in.  This curtain is called ‘The Tree Of Life’ and has the most beautiful tree images on it.


This curtain features a very beautiful two-side panel with Jacquard technology.  Every curtain is hand made, and you can really see the effort that goes into creating such a beautiful product.


It can be hard to escape the sun living in Arizona, so I was hopeful this curtain would work as well as it promised to.  You can see from the picture above that there is no sun seeping through, and the sun is shining right on this window!  This curtain will block out 90% of the sunlight in any room.  With the added benefit of noise buffering this curtain just keeps getting better and better.  I put this curtain up in my toddlers bedroom and I’m loving the added bonus of her sleeping in a little longer…where was this when my husband worked graveyard shift?  He had such a hard time sleeping during the day and this would’ve been the perfect solution!

Whether you’re looking for a great blackout curtain for a nursery, bedroom, living room, even kitchens with larger windows, you won’t be disappointed with this Thermal Insulated Blackout Grommet Window Curtain!

***I received the product pictured as well as financial compensation for this blog post.  All thoughts or opinions expressed are my own honest, unbiased opinions***