Fun, Educational, Skill Building Games With Peaceable Kingdom #Review


Peaceable Kingdom is a company that makes some of the greatest games I’ve come across.  The Peaceable Kingdom games both inspire cooperation, and cultivate kindness.  When kids can play well together, they can play well in the world.  I was very impressed with the Peaceable Kingdom games that we got to try and I was pretty impressed!



I’m doing preschool curriculum at home with my almost-5-year-old, and some of the Peaceable Kingdom games have been great to add to our curriculum and have helped my daughter out a lot!  The Pair Up Numbers is really great for helping with number recognition, and encourages counting skills as well.  Count the number of objects on one half of the puzzle, then find the corresponding number!



Pair Up Shapes is another great, easy to take anywhere game from Peaceable Kingdom that helps younger children develop skills, have fun, and learn all at the same time.  Pair Up Shapes is great for helping kids with shape recognition as well as problem solving.



Princess Match Up Game & Puzzle is a great 2 in 1 game that any little girl will love.  One side of these cards are matching sets of numbers.  Place the numbers face down, turn over 2 at a time to try and find a match.  If you don’t have a match, turn them back over and try again!  On the reverse side of the numbers are pieces that fit together to make a pretty large puzzle.  With princesses, a castle, and even a unicorn, any little girl will love the puzzle while developing motor skills and having fun.



Cauldron Quest is a really fun cooperative game that anyone will enjoy playing.  You can play with 2-4 players and work together to defeat the wizards spell.  This game is great for teaching and reinforcing even and odd number recognition and also helps kids with strategy building.  I played a few rounds with the kids to teach them how to play and I even had a lot of fun.  Recommended age is 6 and up, but my daughter who will be 5 in a couple weeks understands the concept of the game.  She’s not able to play just yet but her brothers still found a way to include her and have her move the Wizard’s hat when it needs to move.  I love watching them communicate and work together to break the spell and win the game!  (Don’t mind the candy please…they had been really good kiddos all day so I let them have a small treat after dinner.)



Another super fun cooperative game from Peaceable Kingdom is The Fairy Game.  Help the fairies save their garden before Mr. Winter can freeze the flowers.  This is a really great game to teach younger kids how to work together to solve problems and make shared group decisions.  I play The Fairy Game with my daughter a few times a day, I don’t mind spending a little time helping her build that little brain of hers…she’s even gotten one of her brothers to play along too!  He doesn’t exactly like the fairies, but he likes the idea of the game and enjoys spending time with his little sister.

These are just a very small selection of the amazing games that Peaceable Kingdom has to offer…make sure you check them out this holiday season!!


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***