Electronic Free Fun This Back To School Season With Parragon #BackToSchoolWithParragon


Parents like myself all over the world are on the hunt for more ways to keep our kids engaged without being tied to an electronic device.  Parragon has lots of great options for kids of all ages to help build their brain while keeping them engaged in activities not involving electronics.  I received Professor Murphy’s Brain-Busting Puzzles & Riddles, Craft Factory Dinosaur Stencil Activity, and Factivity Space to try out with my kids this Back To School season and they were a big hit!


My sons are 11 and 13 and they really enjoyed the Professor Murphy’s Brain Busting Puzzles & Riddles.  These puzzles are easy enough for younger children like mine, but at the same time challenging enough that a few had me stumped…until we found the answer.  Some of them are funny, some of them are confusing, and some of them are just plain for training your brain.  Seeing my teen/tween sons having fun with a book was the best feeling ever…I’m one happy mom over here!  No electronic cords, no screens to stare at, just a good old fashioned book in hand, nothing could be better.


Factivity Space is a great educational tool as well as a way for kids to have fun while they learn.  My daughter (who will be 5 in a few weeks) loves learning, and this was a great way to share some extra knowledge with her.  The Factivity book is full of great information about space, and gets children’s imagination running.  The colorable poster and puzzle are a really nice touch.  The included colored pencils are perfect for however your little artist wants to create their poster or puzzle.


Last but not least is the Craft Factory Dinosaur Stencil Activity.  This was my daughter’s absolute favorite of the Parragon books that we have tried.


You can only see a small portion of the posters in the background, but we have that whole wall covered in educational posters.  I am doing preschool curriculum at home with my daughter and we’ve actually worked the Dinosaur Stencil Activity Book into our lesson plans.  This book helps build fine motor skills while helping encourage holding the pencil the proper way.  There’s no better way to learn than having fun while doing it.

These are just a few of TONS of children’s books that Parragon has to offer, make sure you check out their entire selection.  You’ll be sure to find one (of a few) that are just right for your children.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.***

Parragon Cookbooks That Fuel Your Family For Back To School #BackToSchoolWithParragon


This back-to-school season every parent wants to make sure they’re fueling their children’s bodies with good, healthy, wholesome foods.  Parragon has a few great cookbooks that will not only help you cook healthier for your family, they’re all recipes that even the pickiest of children will enjoy.  If you’ve followed my blog for any amount of time, you know that I started Nutrisystem in January.  Every single recipe that I’ve seen in these books fits into my Nutrisystem plan, so I can indulge in the same meal as my family which is pretty rare these days.


I received Power Food, The Sugar-Free Kitchen, and The Superfood Kitchen and I am so thrilled with these books!  The greatest thing for me is that the nutrition facts are all there in the books, no need for me to have to calculate and see if it’s something I can have…it’s all labeled right there and I get to enjoy every last one of these recipes.


Power Food is a small book, but don’t let that fool you.  It has over 100 easy, wholesome recipes that pack a nutritious punch.  Each recipe is bursting with powerful natural ingredients and offering a dynamic combination of vitamins, minerals, and essential trace elements.  There are so many great options for meals throughout the day so you can choose how you want to power up your day.  Choose from kick-start breakfasts, energy boosting snacks, protein packed main courses, and even irresistible desserts that feel like something you shouldn’t eat, but is good for you.


The Sugar Free Kitchen is a great way to help us cut back the amount of sugar that we consume.  It seems that sugar is hidden in everything these days and we all wonder why obesity is such an issue these days.  With recipes from breakfast, snacks, lunches, dinners, desserts, and even baked goods, you can choose where you want to cut the sugar, or create a whole day’s plan using this fabulous cookbook.


The Superfood Kitchen is full of ingredients that are nutrition powerhouses…foods that are packed with vitamins and minerals for the ultimate health boost, improving energy levels and strengthening health and well-being.  The Superfood Kitchen is a great collection of feel-good foods that the whole family will be able to enjoy.  There is lots of great information about the superfoods you’ll find inside, and why it’s important to include these in our diets.  Recipes available from breakfast, snacks, lunches, main dishes, to desserts and baking.  Who knew good-for-you could taste SO good?

Once you get your hands on these Parragon cookbooks you’ll see why I am so excited about them…they’ll help get my family a little healthier, one meal at a time.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.***