Learning Box Preschool Week 5 #Review


I don’t know how, but each week Learning Box Preschool is more and more fun!  My daughter is learning new things and every day and growing her fine motor skills in leaps and bounds.  Week 5 was tons of fun, check out some of the activities that we did.



After reviewing our new learning materials and posters for the month, there was still a little bit of time left for learning.  Jade created a cute little name tag and decorated it to fit her personality.


Jade is getting to learn about all of the things that make hers and others special in their own unique ways.  This well written book covers the things that make us each unique and special.



There is a big difference in circles and spheres.  Jade was able to pick up quickly what differentiates the two and she created some of her own circles and spheres from playdough.


Hole punching, lacing, and decorating.  All things that help build those motor skill and Jade enjoying making a necklace using all of her developing skills.


Jade used the name tag from the previous day where she traced her name to write her name on her own.  I think you can see how happy she was to write her name on top of her ABC worksheet.


Day by day, Jade is creating a book all about herself and what makes her special.  She wrote her name all on her own again and was SO proud of herself.


Every day, Jade’s ability to complete little projects improves more and more.  She was able to create a name plate with glue and lentils with ease, and without any help from mom (other than dotting out the name for her to trace).  She’s getting so good at this!



Day 23 holds more working on Jade’s special book.  She got to color in a cake and top it off with 4 candles for her age.


Even eye color can be special!  We used the members of our family as well as a couple of neighbors to fill in the eye color chart.  Interestingly enough, we have a couple blank categories, those must be pretty rare eye colors!


Jade did a great job decorating and assembling her spy glasses.  She went all over the house using them on her top secret missions.



We’re starting to get into learning the letters of the alphabet.  We started off with an easy to recognize and write letter, the letter M.


Jade got to create her own self portrait puzzle!  Since she had extra space she drew in mommy and daddy as well and we wrote out the word ‘Family’ on the bottom.  She was very excited to create this fun puzzle!


More of Jade’s book!  She got to fill in her beautiful blue eye color.



As you can tell from the pictures above, Jade was very happy to get to add in her blonde hair in her book.  She did a pretty good job of drawing in her blonde pigtails 🙂 .


Learning to lace a shoe can be tough work.  This little shoe cutout and a piece of yarn helped Jade learn to lace a shoe, and of course it’s helping build her hand-eye coordination at the same time!

This week was a blast…stick around and see what fun adventures next week holds.

If you missed any of what we’ve done so far, you can find the week 1 post here, week 2 post hereweek 3 post here, and week 4 post here.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the curriculum box provided free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.***


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