Stay Cool And Dry With Chill Boys Boxers #Review


If you haven’t heard of Chill Boys yet, they are the world’s best high performance boxers for high performance guys.  Chill Boys boxers are made from ultra cooling micro-mesh fabric that have a uniquely flexible design for the most comfortable fit.  These boxers are lightweight and can stretch and move with your body no matter what it is that you’re doing.  Chill Boys are breathable and will keep your boys dry all day long!  Chill Boys offer the utmost comfort where so many other companies have failed.


I was really eager to get my hands on a pair of Chill Boys for my husband.  If you look up high performance man, a picture of my husband will pop up (not literally, but it should!).  We live in Arizona, and my husband works outside all year round.  This summer has been BRUTAL and we’ve been averaging over 110 degrees every day.  Because of the nature of work my husband does (under houses much of the day installing utilities and plumbling), he wears jeans all year round and comes home soaking wet every day.  The life of a man who splits apart, transports, and installs manufactured homes in Arizona is pretty rough, and Chill Boys have made a huge difference for my husband in the short time he’s had them.

The moisture wicking properties of these boxers are unbelievable!  My husband came home after his first day of using these, gave me a kiss, and thanked me over and over for them.  He said staying dry helped him stay cooler, and as you can imagine in this heat, feeling cooler can mean the difference between miserable and comfortable.  The flexible design is another feature that my husband really loves.  He has a generous behind for a man, and his cotton boxers ride up, bunch, and end up disappearing in his behind (I know, not pretty, but let’s be honest here!).  The Chill Boys boxers stay comfortably in place all day, no ridding up which means no bunching and no chafing.  The waistband adds another level of comfort with no itchy tag, and a nice wide band to hold the boxers where they should be.

Give the man in your life the gift of comfort with Chill Boys boxers.

Chill Boys has provided a 10% off code for all of my followers!  Enter: TKU6ZOJE at checkout, the coupon will be active through 9-30-16

***I received the product pictured as well as financial compensation for this blog post.  All thoughts or opinions expressed are my own honest, unbiased opinions***


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