Tons Of Fun With Top That! And #BlueOrangeGames #Review


Blue Orange Games is a name you should recognize…I have had the pleasure of trying out a few of their games and our family absolutely loves Blue Orange!  Blue Orange brings you high quality games that the whole family can enjoy.  All of the products from Blue Orange Games are made from durable, feel-good materials so these games will last through the generations and help create a lifetime of memories.  The games that Blue Orange creates are easy to learn, fun, and help build important skills that children need and use every day.


Top That! is a fun new game available from Blue Orange, I had a blast testing it out with my kiddos.  The suggested age is 6 and up, but my almost-5-year-old daughter was able to catch on pretty quickly and play too. She wasn’t as quick as us most of the time to make the right stack, but she sure is learning and loves trying to keep up.

About Top That!:

“Put on your hat, break out your props, and hide your rabbits in this magical match up! When the challenge card is flipped over, players race to stack their objects in 1 single pile following 3 simple rules: objects printed in color must be visible on the stack, objects printed in grey must be hidden INSIDE objects on the stack, and objects surrounded by stars must be kept empty. Do you have what it takes to master your magic in this grand stack ‘em up finale?”

Top That! is a super fun game that has quick rounds so that kids with shorter attention spans can still play and have fun.  It’s not just a game of fun though, it also helps build skills like problem solving, visual perception, fine motor skills, focus and attention, and processing speed.  You can play with 2-4 players and will enjoy time unplugged and away from the electronic devices while playing this fun game.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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