Learning Box Preschool Week 4 #Review


Week 4 with Learning Box Preschool is over already?  Man, time sure does fly when you’re having fun!  This was the last week of our first box, and I’m excited to announce that we will be continuing on for even more fun and learning.



More work in the Colorful Shapes book that Jade has been working on.  It’s so much fun to fill shapes in new ways and Jade loved tearing tissue and gluing it into place to make her big blue triangle.


We’re starting to get more into writing and building knowledge that Jade will need when she goes to kindergarten next year.  The number one was no match for my smart little cookie 🙂 .


Learning about kites can be fun, but there’s no better way to experience the fun than to make a kite and run around outside to fly it!  SO FUN!


We had a little chart to fill out about “What’s your favorite way to go up?”.  Since it’s just Jade and I at home, the chart would’ve looked pretty boring with just us two.  Social media to the rescue!  I have many mom friends so I asked them all to ask their children what was their favorite.  You can see that there were lots of responses, but airplane quickly made it’s way to #1 favorite way to go up.



More working on the Colorful Shapes book…little purple triangles make the book almost complete.


We have learned about all of the colors of the rainbow, and this rainbow activity was really fun for Jade.  She got to color the pictures and then place them where they belong.


Making books can be lots of fun.  I like to challenge Jade and lay the pages out in non-numerical order and have her place them in the right order.  Then we assemble the books and read them together.


Making a mini-hang glider was something Jade really enjoyed.  She ran around the house pretending to fly way up high in the sky.



More colorful fun!  Jade got to color the illustrations in a fun new colorful book and had a blast doing it!


Pattern can be tons of fun!  Jade got to make an ‘A Pattern’ (one item repeating itself to make a pattern) with little circles that look like bubbles.


Speaking of bubbles, making pictures with bubbles was a blast!  We used colored bubble solution in a cup, Jade blew into the straw to make bubbles rise out of the cup, then placed a piece of paper on top to make unique and fun images.



The Colorful Shapes book appears again!  We’re almost at the end of the book now, and all of the shapes and colors are on one fun page.


Mirror images can be tons of fun.  Jade loved painting puffy clouds on one side of the paper, then folding and seeing how the images transfer from one side to the other.


Jade has been obsessed with wanting to make a pinwheel and on day 19 she got her wish.  She did a great job decorating and building her pinwheel.  She had TONS of fun making it spin wildly in front of our swamp cooler.


Painting clouds can be fun, but EATING them is even better.  Using blue Jell-o and Cool Whip, Jade got to create a yummy snack that looked like puffy clouds in the sky.



LAST page of the Colorful Shapes book and Jade got to draw her favorite shape and color it in.  She chose a square and colored it brown 🙂 .


Jade got to color in some flash cards about what we’ve learned so far, and we set them aside for another time when we want to pull them out and review.


Puzzles are great for problem solving and building confidence.  Jade was quite please with herself being able to build this puzzle on her own.


One way to ‘go up’ that we haven’t learned about was flying saucers.  Jade had a lot of fun using her imagination to make and decorate her UFO.  She drew herself inside flying high into outer space.

As you can see, week 4 was tons of fun, and I hope you stay with us on our educational journey.

If you missed any of what we’ve done so far, you can find the week 1 post here, week 2 post here, and week 3 post here.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the curriculum box provided free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.***


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