World’s First Anti-Gravity Smartphone Holder #Review #iStick



The iStick is something I hadn’t even heard of last week, and it’s already one of the greatest things I’ve ever had the opportunity to review.  The iStick is the world’s FIRST anti-gravity universal smartphone holder, and it really does do what it promises.


I never thought something so simple could be so completely perfect and solve an annoying problem.  The iStick is easy to apply, simply peel off the backing, apply to your phone, and it’s ready to use.  When you need to use the iStick, open the backing, and press your phone on to the desired surface.  It’s as simple as that!


I tried the iStick on a steep slanted surface, as well as on a vertical door, and you can see that the phone held in place exactly as it should have.  No more phone slipping and sliding all over the place.  With the iStick you have a simple, lightweight solution at all times.

The iStick is great for so many reasons!

  • Versatile-securely and confidently stick your phone to ANYWHERE!  The iStick also works with GPS devices, MP3 players, TV remotes, keys…you name it!
  • You can travel with freedom-No more big, chunky suction cup for GPS navigation in an unfamiliar area.
  • No more blocked air vents
  • Turn your phone into a rear-seat video player for the kiddos
  • Reusable-the advanced nano adhesive is 100% reusable so you can use it over and over again
  • Washable with simply nothing but water
  • Use the cover as a kickstand to give you an optimal viewing angle every single time


With all of these incredible benefits in such a small, affordable package, I have to wonder why I’m not seeing these on the back of every smart device out there!


***I received the product pictured as well as financial compensation for this blog post***



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