Ozeri Kitchen Items You Can’t Live Without #Review


If you know me, you know my kitchen is filled with Ozeri goodies.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the Green Earth Fyring Pan 3 Piece Set from Ozeri so I of course jumped at the chance to try them out.


The Ozeri Green Earth pans are unlike other ceramic cookware out there.  Each Ozeri pan utilizes GREBLON cermaic.  GREBLON ceramic is an ultra-safe ceramic coating from Germany.  This coating is 100% PTFE, PFOA and APEO free meaning there are no heavy metals or chemicals.  The honeycomb texture helps distribute the heat more evenly for food that will melt in your mouth with deliciousness.  These pans are incredibly easy to clean, and you’ll find yourself using them again and again with absolutely perfect results.


The Ozeri Green Earth pans cooked my ground beef to perfection.  I CAN NOT stand gray meat that has been steamed by poor pan performance.  No more gray nasty meat thanks to these awesome Ozeri pans.

I can’t stress how well these pans work.  I have a couple Copper Chef pans (that I paid an arm and a leg for!) which I’m sure you guys have all seen on TV.  Ozeri Green Earth pans blow Copper Chef out of the water!  There is no competition between the two, so if you’re looking for a great pan, skip the headache and go with Ozeri from the start.


Ozeri also makes INSTAVAC Green Earth Food Storage Containers to save all those yummy leftovers of the meals you make in your Green Earth pans.

These containers feature an instant vacuum seal with no pumping, no motors, and no confusion.  Press down on the lid, the air comes out of the one-way valve, and your food will stay fresh and delicious so you can enjoy it again.  Removing air helps reduce naturally occurring bacteria, keeping your food fresh for longer.  The wave pattern on the bottom keeps food elevated and away from any liquids that may pool at the bottom of the container.  Fruit and veggies stay fresh and crispy with these containers.  The date dial is a really nice addition to these containers.  Set the dial to the date you placed the food in to eliminate guess work on whether the food is still edible or not.


I really like the depth of these containers.  My daughter and I made hot air balloon themed cupcakes for her preschool lesson ‘up, up and away’.  Mini cupcakes topped with frosting and sprinkle covered donut holes can be hard to accommodate in food storage containers.  There was enough room in these containers that they fit nicely, and even had plenty of room!

As if these containers weren’t awesome enough, add in BPA-free, stain resistant, shatter-proof with the added benefit of being microwave, dishwasher AND freezer safe and you’ve got some of the greatest food storage containers out there.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***


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