Learning Box Preschool Week 3 #Review


Week 3 using Learning Box Preschool was incredibly fun (and tasty)!  We started a new theme this week and my daughter is loving all of the fun new things we’ve been discovering.  There have even been a few theme related snacks that the whole family enjoyed.



Continuing on learning about the number 1.  Jade was a superstar at categorizing whether things belonged in the ‘1’ group or not.


Even more fun with the number one.  This activity had 10 different images, and Jade had to categorize whether the pictures showed one or more, and put them in the right place.  She was able to do this with no problem…she’s really getting the hang number 1!


Hot air balloons are tons of fun!  What better way to imagine a fun place to go than to make a hot air balloon?  Jade put a scared face on her person cutout because she’s afraid of heights and said she would be nervous way up high.


What a tasty way to enjoy hot air balloons!  Jade covered donut holes in icing, dipped them in sprinkles, and put them on top of mini cupcakes with toothpicks to create fun and edible hot air balloons.



Jade is getting pretty far along in her colorful shapes book.  This time we had fun with ‘coloring’ the shape and used glue and glitter 🙂 .


Birds can fly way up high just like hot air balloons, and Jade had fun making a little birdie.  I tried convincing her to paint it, she wanted it white so we just left the paper plate plane.  Jade said this bird she made is queen of birdlandia.




Planes are tons of fun!  Jade made 2 different types of airplanes and tested them out to see which one flew better.  Surprisingly, the straw plane with circles flies incredibly far!


The best kind of airplane is an edible one.  We used bananas for the plane body and wings, chocolate chips for the windows, and cool whip for clouds.  Make it on a blue plate and you’ve got a sky colored backdrop.



Jade is getting pretty good at shape and color recognition.  We used these colorful shape cards to make different groups.  First Jade sorted them all by shape, then by color.


Triangles, triangles, and more triangles!  Jade had a blast making the triangle collage and was able to identify all the colors…such a smart little girl 🙂 .


Jade LOVED building the name rocket.  She is a big fan of the show “Little Einsteins” and their character Rocket.  She did a great job building the rocket and making the flames from glue and glitter.  Her fine motor skills are developing quickly and I love seeing the progress that she’s making.

If you missed any of the previous weeks that we’ve done, you can find week 1 here, and week 2 here.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the curriculum box provided free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.***


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