Learning Box Preschool Week 2 #Review


Week 2 doing Learning Box Preschool curriculum was even more fun than the first!  This week we were continuing on with the circus theme and had tons of fun while learning lots of new things.



We mixed it up a little bit with the name puzzles by combining both upper case and lower case letters.  This didn’t slow Jade down at all, she knew which letters went where which was pretty surprising for me.  I wasn’t sure if she could get the hang of that yet but she did in no time!


Jade got to make a book all about the number one.  Lots of fun illustrations and tracing options that teach while allowing fun.


No circus would be complete without a big elephant.  Jade got to make a cute elephant with a long trunk and big floppy ears.  She’s starting to get better at following instructions and building her crafts.  Those fine motor skills are developing and I love it!



Day 7 had a super fun math game that Jade had fun with.  Pick a number, count out the orange circles, and place them above the clowns to make them juggle.  She recognized every number by herself and was able to count out the correct number of circles.


Remember the colorful book of shapes?  Time to add some little orange circles to it!


Jade has had a lot of fun creating these little mini books.  This time I laid out the pages (not in numerical order) and asked her to put them in the correct order and she was able to do it without much hesitation.  Number recognition is coming along quite nicely.


I love the activities that engage imagination.  It’s hard to see, but the paper says “If I was in a circus, I would” and leaves a space for the child to finish the sentence.  Jade finished it with “be a juggler” and drew and adorable picture of her juggling.



Seals are some of the most adorable circus performers and Jade got to make one of her own.  She did a great job following instructions and creating a finished product that she was super proud of.


We had a fun animal cracker snack that Jade loved!  We had fun sorting the animals into different groups, then eating the tasty treats.



Day 9 we got to work a little more on Jade’s colorful shape book.  (Don’t mind the orange that bled through from the previous page…Jade uses a lot of paint.)


This fun board game encourages counting while building motor skills.  Each time Jade landed on a new circle I asked her to say the color of the space she landed on, so you can always use this game to help with color identification as well.


One of the best circus foods is cotton candy.  We made a special puffy paint together and Jade got to make her own pretend cotton candy.


After making pretend cotton candy, what better way to follow up than with REAL cotton candy?  Jade had a fun circus themed lunch on day 9 and enjoyed every bit of it.  She had a hot dog, popcorn, peanuts, and of course, cotton candy.



Squares, squares, and more squares!  Jade got to create a fun square collage on day 10 and she had a lot of fun.  She surprised me when she said “I’m turning some of them sideways to make them diamonds”.  She’s just too darn smart!


Every great circus needs a train.  Jade got to draw a circus animal (she chose a tiger) and put it in the train she was making.  She did a great job following directions and is super proud of her train.


You know we had to make an edible train…what fun would it be if we didn’t?  We used flavored marshmallows for the smoke stack and headlight, airhead bites for wheels, and marshmallow creme to hold it all together.  Yes, it was messy, but also fun and delicious!

(To see what we did days 1-5, check out my Learning Box Preschool Week 1 post here.)


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the curriculum box provided free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.***


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