Sudsy Bath Time Fun With Soapets #Review


Soapets to the rescue in a dirty, germ filled world.  We all know that bath time with little ones can be quite the hassle.  Soapets make it easier to get your little one clean, while making the job so much more fun.


Soapets are fun little bath time buddies that help get you squeaky clean so you’re ready to tackle the world.  There are many characters available, and each one comes with a fun waterproof book.  Each pet has a cute, rhyming story that tells their tale and help kids imagination come alive. CiCi the turtle is the fourth of the Original Soapets®.  Cici the Turtle rides in on his awesome board to continue the amazing story of Soapy Soapets®.


My daughter’s favorite Soapet is FeFe the Dragon.  Fefe the Dragon is a ferocious dragon that protects Jade against germs and dirt during bath time.  Each Soapet has a removable sponge for older kids to take out and use to wash their body, or for younger kids you an just leave it in it’s mesh pouch and put the soap on there directly.  The suction cup on the back is durable enough that it will hold your Soapet in place on the bathroom wall even while wet and considerably heavier than it is when it’s dry.

These adorable little Soapets are very well made and are designed very well for little hands to hold.  These are great for encouraging the promotion of self-care very early on.  Children learn to clean themselves effectively faster with these fun little bath time friends.

Whether you’re shopping for your little one or just looking for a great baby shower gift, Soapets are a product that every parent will be happy to own.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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