Yootoo Maternity/Nursing Bra #Review

Youtoo logo.jpg

When you’re expecting a child you don’t always think about yourself as much as you do about the new little arrival.  Yootoo has created an amazing maternity/nursing bra to allow mom to spoil herself for once.


I couldn’t wait for the chance to try out the Yootoo Maternity Bra!  Even the box it comes in is adorable 🙂 .


I chose black because, well, what woman doesn’t love an adorable black bra?  There are also three other colors available so you can have a nice selection of bras to choose from.  Just because you’re expecting or nursing, doesn’t mean you don’t want a few really nice, comfortable bras.

The Yootoo bra is full of great features that help ensure your complete comfort while still being functional and easy to use.  I have been a mother for 13 years now and let me tell you, I have had plenty of experience with bad nursing bras.  Often they’re hard to use, the clasps don’t hold up, they don’t fit well, and if they DO fit well, they sure as heck aren’t comfortable.  The Yootoo bra has it all!  The clasps are easy to use and super durable so they will hold up to the repetitive use.  A really nice feature of this bra is the low plunging V-line so that you can wear it with just about anything…it makes a great t-shirt bra!  The lightly molded cups allow for ease of use while nursing without causing discomfort.  All of those great features combined with the beautiful lacey bottom makes this, hands down, the best maternity/nursing bra I have ever seen.


If you’re looking for a great fitting, functional, comfortable maternity/nursing bra, I highly recommend the Yootoo Bra.  TRUST ME, you will not be disappointed.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***



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