Get Some Of The Cutest Baby Apparel Ever At SOZO USA #Review


SOZO USA is where you can find some of the cutest and most unique baby apparel out there.  Everything is SO adorable, and you’ll have a hard time narrowing down your selection…if I could’ve I would’ve ordered the whole store!


This Lil’ Stnkr Bodysuit & Cap Set is just adorable beyond words!  The expression on the cap is a perfect match for the ‘Lil’ Stnkr’ saying on the front.  This set is made from 100% cotton that is pre-shrunk, so you won’t have to worry about shrinking when you wash.  The snaps on the bodysuit are so incredibly durable!  I have had an issue in the past with bodysuit snaps giving out and having to throw out perfectly good clothing.  These snaps will ensure that your baby’s bodysuit will stay closed, and comfortable.


How cute is this Dino Mite Footie??  I LOVE the bright colors and the little dino face on the bootie.  The dinosaur on the front is so super soft and fuzzy!  This footie has a full body zipper with a snap button on top to keep the zipper safely tucked into place.  Made from 100% interlock cotton, it’s sure to be soft on even the most sensitive of skin.


This. Is. GENIUS!  I don’t know where the Wee Block has been my whole life, but I’ll tell you this would’ve come in handy so many times with my other 2 sons!  I can’t even begin to count how many times I got covered in pee either during a change or after a bath.  The Wee Block will keep you shielded and keep the mess under control.  Underneath the super-soft 2-ply cotton jersey covering lies the secret weapon—a wee-wee absorbing sponge.  The Wee Block’s are machine washable so you can keep them nice and clean, just like baby.

There are so many more adorable things available from SOZO USA, make sure you check out their whole store whether you’re shopping for yourself or an amazing baby shower gift.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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