Week 30 On Nutrisystem…Nothing Can Stop Me Now! #NSNation #Ad


HOLY COW!!  How in the world am I at week 30 already?  Nutrisystem just keeps amazing me at how incredibly effective the plan is.  This past week I had the biggest loss (not including Turbo week) so far…2.6 lbs!  I honestly don’t know what lined up so well for a big loss this week, everything was as usual, but hey, I’ll take it.  I’m at a total loss of 44.2 lbs since starting back in January and this journey is absolutely incredible!


My 40 lb bear arrived with my next food shipment and I’m so happy it’s finally here!  Who knew a little bear would mean so much?  These little bears really help me keep focus, and I can’t wait to get that beautiful gold GOAL BEAR.

Living in Arizona means a lot of outside activities are off limits for most of the year.  The area that I live in is blistering hot (115 degrees) during the summer, and cold as ever (10-20 degrees) in the winter.  I am bound and determined to meet my goal, so I have been finding ways to still keep active and beat the weather.  We bought water shooters, misting fans, and a fun sprinkler to help keep active even though it’s hot outside.  My kids are becoming more active too, and that makes this mom SO happy!  I like seeing my family get a little healthier with me and am enjoying the quality time we are spending together.

This journey isn’t over yet!  Stay tuned next week to see what unfolds.

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Nutrisystem is providing (Stephany of Stephany’s Sweet Life) with their program free of charge for their participation in their blogger program: Nutrisystem Nation Blogger program. All of my thoughts and opinion are my own. My opinion may differ from yours. See my disclosure statement for more info.


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