#TripWorthy Roasting Forks #Review



Whether you’re looking for items to make camping easier, or just make a backyard BBQ a little more fun, these Trip Worthy Roasting Forks are the perfect item!  Create lasting memories with members of the family of all ages.  These roasting forks have rounded ends so they are kid friendly…and what kid doesn’t love roasting food, right?



The roasting fork set comes with a durable canvas bag that will make life much easier when storing or transporting them.  Carry everything in one convenient pouch. The canvas pouch is perfect for packing skewers and bamboo sticks in a safe place.


This set comes with 8 high quality telescoping roasting forks made from the best materials available.  There are also 10 bamboo skewers included for when you want a more genuine feel when roasting whatever it is you like to roast!  In my family we LOVE marshmallows and hot dogs roasted over an open fire.  My kids really like the fun and unique colors that are on the roasting forks.  No more fighting over who was using which one…everyone picks a color and the only thing on our mind is good food, good fun, and fond memories that we’re building together.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***




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