Give Your Children The Best With Wee Sprout #Review


If you haven’t heard of Wee Sprout, they are an amazing small family-owned company that is on a mission to share their great products with the world.  Their products are designed to be useful allow you to control more of the ingredients that go into your children’s little bodies.  Their products are made of only the highest quality and most natural materials available.  You can enjoy an easier, healthier lifestyle, all while saving the planet!


The Nature’s Little Cubes Baby Food Freezer Tray is such a genius invention!  I have been a mother for 13 years and have always made my own baby food.  In the early years of my motherhood while figuring things out these would’ve been amazing to have!  I can’t wait to try these out with the newest little addition!  You can see that there is a 1 oz line in the freezer tray which is super handy when filling.  You will always know the amount that your baby has taken in.  The freezer tray is great for baby food, breast milk, or even little baby smoothies packed with great ingredients.  The silicone makes it really easy to just pop out a serving, no hassle!


The Nature’s Little Squeeze Reusable Food Pouches are another little handy dandy product that will make feeding baby (and older kids) much easier.  We often buy food pouches at the store but I am always so worried about some of the ingredients that I don’t really like my children having.  Now I can make our own food pouches and I can rest assured that my children are having the healthiest snack they possibly can.  The extra wide zipper makes it easy to fill, and easy to clean so you can keep using these pouches again and again.


Wee Spout also makes the most adorable Muslin Swaddle Blankets!  They are made from 100% organic cotton and are oh-so-soft.  They are a large size, and are really a versatile product.  You can use them to swaddle baby,. use as a playmat, cover the stroller or carseat, changing table cover, or even a burp cloth.  (Baby isn’t here to swaddle yet, so princess bear had to stand in and feel the soft comfyness.)

Whether you’re shopping for great products for yourself, or great products for a baby shower, Wee Sprout is a great place to go!


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***


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