Live Life Full Of Adventure With Lori Dolls #Review


Lori Dolls are smart, fun, trendy, and adventurous little girls.  They live in a big city with lots of places to explore, and your daughter will have so much fun creating adventures and memories together with her new friends.  They love ballet, reading, giggling, and playing with their pets.


The Lori Dolls Love To Dance Ballet Studio is where the girls love practicing their ballet.  There is plenty of room for multiple dolls so your daughter can enjoy playing with more than just one doll at a time. LoriDollsBalletStudio2.jpg

The Love To Dance Ballet Studio is full of fun features that really help your child imagine that this is a real place.  You can write on the chalkboard, and the piano play waltz music for the girls to dance for.


The lights on the ballet studio really work, and are a perfect touch to an already amazing product.


What ballet studio would be complete without ballerinas?!  Lori Dolls was generous enough to send 4 of the cutest ballerinas to fill the studio with tons of fun.


Macie is a little girl who loves wearing sequins and anything pink.  When she’s not practicing ballet she’s in her grandma’s kitchen making yummy food and wonderful memories.


Analeigh loves her dog as much as ballet.  When she’s not dancing, she’s making homemade treats for her furry friend Duke.


Alinn loves the energizing feeling she gets when she dances.  She loves spending time with her grandpa and everything about Spring.


Drea loves blueberry pancakes and spending time with her dad at the mall.  She has a little brother who makes her giggle and she loves dance.


The Lori Dolls Ballerinas look so cute in their studio!  Time to introduce them to my little girl 🙂 .


As soon as Jade saw the Lori Dolls set up she said, “Don’t touch it! Don’t touch it!” and ran off to get her tutu leotard.  She wanted me to set up a ballet class where she could “teach the girls some new moves”.


Ballet Instructor Jade couldn’t wait to start showing off her spins and poses for the Lori Dolls Ballerinas.  I made the mistake of showing her the website and the other ballerina dolls…she wants them all!  I guess I know what Santa will be bringing her for Christmas 😉 .  I can’t wait to see the fun adventures she creates with these amazing little dolls.

If your daughter is tired of the same old toys, give her fun and adventure with Lori Dolls.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***


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