Give Your Gut The Best With #Nexabiotic Probiotics


Nexabiotic from ProVita Labs is going to change the way you think about probiotics.  They are vegetarian capsules that contain 23 Probiotics with doctor recommended L Acidophilus, B Infantis, and S Boulardii.  The other probiotics in the formula are some of the most recommended by top gastroenterologists.  As someone who suffers from Crohn’s Disease, I trust anything my gastrogenerologist will recommend for me. Nexabiotic1.jpg

Nexabiotic features:

  • Unlike unprotected capsules and regular pearls, Nexabiotic has Revolutionary Delayed Released Capsules to ensure that the good bacteria are populating your gut for regular bowl movements and overall health.
  • Advanced Lyophilization Technology: Less hassle, No Refrigeration necessary: Advanced Flash freeze drying technology and prebiotic incorporation keeps Nexabiotic alive and healthy even under the toughest temperatures and environments.
  • Manufactured under the National Sanitation Foundation guidelines for quality assurance. Your safety is our priority.
  • Only the best ingredients. Customers reported excellent results using Nexabiotic when they had diarrhea, constipation, C. Diff, IBS, IBD. Nexabiotic is kid and infant friendly! Okay for breast feeding moms and to take apart for those who can’t swallow capsules. Recommended by Cosmo Magazine!


How does Nexabiotic work?



What makes Nexabiotic better?



(This is the selection of products that Nexabiotic sent me to try out.)

This by far the best priced probiotic that I have found that is effective.  Helping relieve intestinal problems is a tough job for this Crohn’s patient!  You can find Nexabiotic here on Amazon and see what the fuss is all about 🙂 .


***I received the product plus financial compensation to try the product and share my opinion with you.  All thoughts and opinions are my own honest opinions***

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