SHABA Bluetooth #SlimSpeaker #Review


This SHABA Bluetooth Slim Speaker blew me out of the water when it arrived.  The pictures online did no justice to just how awesome this little thing was actually going to be.  The slim design is so much more visually appealing than others that I have seen on the market and comes in my favorite color…PINK!!  It is the same size as an iPhone 6, compact and portable enough for outdoors, indoors, taking a walk or even a little party!  I love using mine while I’m cooking or cleaning up around the house.  The bass radiator on the front of the speaker is a cool feature that I haven’t seen anywhere else.  It is pretty powerful and you can really see the bass hit on this radiator.  The sound has been tuned by an audio specialist and you can really tell that a lot of time and effort went into perfecting the sound in this SHABA speaker.

The high-end aluminum surface gives a nice clean and modern look and feel.  The metallic paint matches the material very nicely, and is avialable in steel, silver, gold, and pink.  There is a foldable stand on the back of the speaker so you can prop up your SHABA speaker anywhere.  You can use this speaker via Bluetooth, or use the built in FM radio to tune into your favorite station.  There’s even a recording mode so you can record the music and listen to it later on.  I think SHABA thought of pretty much everything when designing this speaker!  There is nothing left to be desired and is available at a really reasonable price here on Amazon.

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***




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