An Explosively Fun 4th Of July With #Fireworks #Review


When I saw the amazing shipment that I got from I couldn’t wait for the 4th of July to arrive!  If you’ve ever considered buying fireworks is THE place to go!  From small items like snakes and sparklers to large 200g and 500g cakes, everything you could ever desire is available on their site.


The Firesabre was a huge hit with my kids.  They loved the sparkling action and loved how long they lasted.


Silly Sticks are another fun sparkler item that kids will have a blast with.


Dirty Dog is either adorable…or disgusting, I can’t decide.  Either way it’s hilarious and makes children and adults alike laugh like little school girls.


The Chicken Laying Egg is another funny novelty item that makes everyone around laugh and giggle.

Now, the stuff that actually stays in motion was hard to grab still shots of.  I wanted you all to be able to see the fun in action, so most of them will have a video link that you can click on and view the live action.  Trust me…the still shots don’t do ANY of these items justice.


Platinum Pink roman candles light up the night sky with 5 bright shots of pink light.  Click here to view the Platinum Pink video.



Hot Pink mega smoke is a fun item for daytime use.  Set off puffs of pink smoke and watch the fun unfold.


Ladybug sky flyers first entertain on the ground then take flight.  We were NOT expecting how awesome these would be!  Click here to watch the Ladybug in action.


Molten Madness is a fun fountain that’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.  Lots of bright colors and a fun show for sure.  Click here to view Molten Madness in action.


The Thunder Bomb Crackers are all red once lit…perfect for 4th of July!  This went so quickly that it was impossible to grab still shots of it, but you can click here to see the Thunder Bomb Crackers in action.


The Mighty Mini may be small but packs a spectacular show.  They back a powerful punch for being so small and look great illuminating the sky.  Click here to view the Mighty Mini in action.


Hammertime is a 16 shot 200 gram crowd-pleaser.  16 fabulous shots that dazzle.  Click here to watch the Hammertime in action.


Mega Mini is changing the 200 gram firework game.  It is 96 shots, setting a new standard in 200g cakes.  Click here to watch the Mega Mini in action.


Bumbling Bees is a fountain that will please your eyes and ears!  It was hard to get good images, so be sure to watch the Bumbling Bees in action here.


The T-Rex gets it’s name for a good reason…it’s monstrous!  It features 9 shots & 18 total breaks…double breaking shells means double the fun!  Click here to watch the T-Rex in action.


Seal Team is a fun 500 gram cake you can use in the daytime!  It is a 6 shot Daytime Cake with real poseable Army men on huge parachutes!  A couple of our guys came home wounded warriors, but the kids loved having little toys that were fired out of the firework.


The Machete will not only entertain but break the ice at any party as well.  It has 9 shots – each burst is bigger and louder then the next with multiple colors, loud crackle and brilliant strobe ending in a loud finale!  Click here to watch the Machete in action.


The Mammoth Strobe is flashy for sure!  10 Shots that fill the sky with hundreds of bright red blinking lights. An amazing new effect that will blow you away. Click here to watch the Mammoth Strobe in action.


Wake the dead with the Grim Reaper.  12 shots of the best 60g artillery on the market!  Because these are single load shells, I had to take multiple videos.  Click here to see shot 1, here to see shot 2, here to see shot 3, and here to see shot 4.  All 12 shots were beautiful, but I think you’ll get the idea after seeing just a few 🙂 .


American Thunder is a show stopper!  It is a 25 Shot Fan Cake – Part of the “American” series of cakes from Dominator. This cake is intense featuring huge multi-layer fan volleys of color and crackle… lots of crackle!  Click here to see American Thunder in action.


Last but NOT least…the Tumble Weed.  This item has 9 massive shots of the highest quality brocade from the new premier brand in China.  Click here to see the Tumble Weed in action.

I can’t even begin to explain to you just how much fun my children as well as myself and my husband had. helped us create a 4th of July that we will never forget.  If you’re looking for the best way to buy fireworks online for savings, the the only way to go.  Thank you USFireworks for providing such an amazing experience for my family and my neighbors.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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