Enjoy Comfort Where It Matters Most With Performance Sport Athletiesure Wear #Review


Performance Bicycle has introduced the Performance Sport athliesure wear and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a few items.  If you’ve visited my blog before you know that I have been on a weight loss/healthy lifestyle journey since January.  The more active I become, the more I have realized that it is really hard to find good athletic clothing.  Most items I have found in the past are ill fitting or just simply don’t make sense as athletic wear…at least not for those of us who sweat!  Performance Sport combines excellent performance with contemporary, stylish design that accommodates active lifestyles.


There were a few pieces that I wanted to try out, and I must say I am now intrigued to try out many more of the Performance Sport items, as well as the men’s items for my husband!


The Performance Sport Women’s Heathered Tee in pink was too cute to pass up!  The relaxed fit allows freedom of movement and reflective logos increase visibility so if you’re cycling, walking, running, hiking, pretty much doing ANYTHING at night, you will be visible to others. This tee features a zippered back pocket to hold extra gear and allows for internal headphone routing so you can listen to your favorite electronic device while you’re getting being active however it is you like to get your body moving.


The Performance Sport Women’s Trill Sleeveless Jersey is available in a few different colors, but the black and white one was my favorite.  This jersey has a very silky polyester/spandex fabric.  It caresses your skin as it moves sweat to the surface for quick evaporation. The semi-fitted design and graceful seams are very flattering regardless of body type, so wear this cute jersey with confidence. Reflective details throughout to help keep you visible for nighttime activities, and angled back pockets allow easy access to essentials.  I love being able to tuck my smartphone in one of the pockets so that I can be active without worrying about where to put my phone (which I keep on hand at all times incase one of my children should need to get ahold of me).


The Performance Sport Women’s Sport Shorts are SUPER comfy!  They have been my best friend while I’m getting in my treadmill time.  The polyester and spandex stretch woven shell is extremely durable!  It has a wide, elastic-free front waist for uncompromising comfort, and I promise you, you WILL be comfortable no matter what activity you’re participating in. The reflective details on the front and back legs help to keep you visible to others.  The 9″ inseam falls just above the knee, so these shorts run a little higher than traditional MTB shorts.


The Performance Sport Women’s Sport Skirt is perfect for pairing with you favorite bike shorts, or just to help coverup after a ride/swim/whatever it is you’re into!  Sometimes us ladies can get a little self conscious and it’s nice to have athletic wear that’s still practical and useful while helping us ladies not feel so exposed.  There are small slits on either side to add style and allow easier movement.  The wide comfort waist enhances mobility and its contrast print gives a feminine touch.  There are reflective logos on front and back keep you visible in low light.

I can’t wait to add to my Performance Sport collection…these are the best athletic clothes I’ve come across and a creature of habit like myself loves the durability and dependability of Performance Sport Athletic Wear.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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