Make Life Simple In A Complicated World…Use A #PlainToothbrush #Review



It seems like EVERYTHING these days is so much more complicated and over-done than it needs to be.  Even down to something simple like a toothbrush.  If you need a toothbrush, I wish you the best of luck going into a retail store and finding something simple that suits your needs.  There are crazy colored bristles, different textures and materials, even crazy hand grips that really seem to serve very little purpose. understands the frustration of a consumer who just wants a good old fashioned #PlainToothbrush!


Plain Toothbrush makes their adult toothbrushes in x-tra soft, soft, and hard  so you can get your pearly whites clean just the way you like them.  Simple, standard, and just how they should be.  Simple bumps for a good grip, simple bristles that do the job, and nothing fancy or extra that you don’t need.  They’re available in a variety of colors so you can rock your favorite color during the most important few minutes of your day.


Plain Toothbrush also has children’s sizes available as well so your little one can experience the simplicity that you grew up with.  Things are far too over-done these days and it’s nice being able to keep it simple.

Plain Toothbrush has taken the classic style and brought it into the modern age well with the bright colors they offer making even the most simple things easy to enjoy.  The rectangular heads are just the way you remember they used to be.  Plain Toothbrush adult brushes have 47 tufts.  When you compare the tufts of Plain Toothbrush to other leading brands, those other leading brands just can’t compare.  Whether you’re looking for these simple toothbrushes for cleaning your mouth or around your home, is your one stop shop.


***I received the product plus financial compensation to try the product and share my opinion with you.  All thoughts and opinions are my own honest opinions***



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