Oak Leaf String Lights…Making Summer Magical #Review



Oak Leaf String Lights are one of the best things I’ve come across this summer.  Simple, beautiful, and you can use them in SO many different ways.  You can put them in beautiful glass jars and create soft outdoor lighting, you can wrap them around posts outside on your patio, or you can even line the inside of a tent and light up the night for a fun camping adventure.


These are some of the coolest little lights I’ve ever seen!  We used safety pins to keep the lights in place and created a fun sleeping experience for our daughter (and our sons, once they saw it they had to go in and join her).  They are battery operated lights, but the battery life is incredibly long lasting.  The Oak Leaf lights can stay lit for 48+ consecutive hours and not dim or die.  Oak Leaf is so confident you’ll love their product and that it will keep on working that they offer a 3 year warranty with their String Lights!  The copper wire makes it easy to shape the string lights into or around any shape you can imagine.  They are easy to get back into the package if you choose to store them in their original box and are so small and portable you can take them just about anywhere.  What a wonderful space saving way to light up your summertime adventures.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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