Make Summertime Special With Li’l Woodzeez #Review


Meet Li’l Woodzeez…some of the cutest characters ever imagined from a happy place called Honeysuckle Hollow.  In Honeysuckle Hollow, all of the woodland creatures work together to take care of each other and their environment.  Each animal family has a job to do and each day is another adventure.  There are different play sets available so you can be sure your little one will enjoy their favorite Honeysuckle Hollow spot.


Li’l Woodzeez was kind enough to send a couple products for my daughter and we’ve had a blast playing with them.



The Happy Camper is perfect for the woodland families to take on a trip.  Room for a family of 4, and I’m sure you could squeeze more in there if you wanted.  The camper and the car connect magnetically so there’s no frustration for little fingers messing with a ball and hitch.  Tons of places for storage , and you’ll need it for all of the adorable accessories that come along with the camper.


The Handydandys are an adorable little mouse family of 4: Mimi (mom), Benjamin (dad), Nibbles (brother), and Sunny (sister).  I love the inclusion of a baby in the Handydandy family…my daughter goes nuts for anything in a diaper “it’s so cute!”.  The Handydandy family run the Bitty Fix-It Shop where they repair pretty much anything.  Honeysuckle Hollow wouldn’t be complete without the Handydandys.  (Mom Mimi also comes with a removable cap!)


I surprised my daughter with these adorable Li’l Woodzeez on a recent camping trip.  We learned last time around that camping with a toddler can be pretty rough, especially if they get bored easily of the same old toys.  It was the perfect time to surprise her with her own little woodland family that could join us on our adventure.  She loved that they were also on a camping vacation like us, and she thought it was so special that we could share our vacation with another little family.

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***


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