Celebrate 4th Of July In An Epic Fashion With USFireworks.biz #Unboxing


How do you have the most EPIC 4th of July (or any celebration for that matter) ever?!  Buy your fireworks online with USFireworks.biz …that’s how!  You’ll save TONS of money, can shop conveniently from home, and be able to put on a great show.  US Fireworks sent me the most amazing shipment EVER and I couldn’t wait to share all the goodies with you all.  This is just my unboxing post…I will do a full review after everything has been lit and the fun has been had so be sure to be on the lookout for that as well!


The Fire Sabre is a favorite among kids.  “This item looks great and performs great! It is a giant held held fountain that spews colors, sparks in a long lasting display. Order two. After they are done burning, who can resist a sword fight!”


The Sky Lanterns USA Pattern are the perfect patriotic addition to any celebration.  “Assorted Color Fire-retardant hot air balloons. Otherwise known as Chinese wishing lanterns, Chinese Flying Lanterns, Kongming lanterns, or just Sky Lanterns. Light fuel and watch the balloon gracefully lift into sky. Fly’s for several minutes.”


Silly Sticks are silly great fun for everyone.  “Only the smiley face is silly the rest is all business as this is one serious sparkler!”


Dirty Dog is an item my kids have seen on TV and have asked if we could get some this year…I’m so glad to see these in my shipment!  “This naughty dog is not house broken yet. What a mess!”  The crackling snake is a better mess to clean than a real dog!


These cute little Chicken Laying Egg novelties are sure to be a favorite among any age group.  “This kickin chicken lays a baloon egg right in front of your eyes!”


Platinum Pink roman candles will light up the night with fun.  “5  shots of beautiful pink stars will make your wishes come true. High flying and very unique effect!”


Hot Pink mega smoke is a fun item for daytime use.  “This daytime item produces huge amounts of VIVID pink smoke. It’s long lasting and very unique!”


Ladybug sky flyers first entertain on the ground then take flight.  “Each ladybug screams as it spins on the ground. It then flies over 30 feet high”


Molten Madness is a fun fountain that’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.  “This unique fountain features molten globs of flying color. Sure be an attention getter!”


The Thunder Bomb Crackers are all red once lit…perfect for 4th of July!  “Dominator’s own high quality firecracker. All red for maximum performance. Beautiful gold wrap, each pack is a work of art!”


The Mighty Mini may be small but packs a spectacular show.  “NEW! 7 shots of assorted colors, fish, whirlwinds, etc. Our best value. Don’t be fooled by size, these guys pack a mighty punch!”


Hammertime is a 16 shot 200 gram crowd-pleaser.  “16 Shot – Bring down the hammer on with this item. A real blast of crackle and chry.”


Mega Mini is changing the 200 gram firework game.  “96 Shots – Setting a new standard in 200g cakes. This mini Z-cakes set a new standard in performance. You won’t believe how much punch this small cake packs!”


Bumbling Bees is a fountain that will please your eyes and ears!  “New! Bumbling Bees Fountain is loaded with effects and sounds for a visual feast.”


The T-Rex gets it’s name for a good reason…it’s monstrous!  “9 shots & 18 total breaks – This item features double breaking shells! A unique new effect with great performance creates twice the impact in the sky. You will see brocade, strobe, crackle and color peony bursts!”


Seal Team is a fun 500 gram cake you can use in the daytime!  “6 shot Daytime Cake – Army Men on Huge Parachutes!”


Machete will not only entertain but break the ice at any party as well.  “9 shots – You will cut up the competition with this item! Each burst is bigger and louder then the next with multiple colors, loud crackle and brilliant strobe ending in a loud finale!”


The Mammoth Strobe is flashy for sure!  “10 Shots – You will not believe your eyes! This item fills the sky with hundreds of bright red blinking lights. An amazing new effect that will blow you away. It is as good as the pros.”


Wake the dead with the Grim Reaper.  “12 shots – You have seen the others Now see the best 60g artillery on the market!”


Not to be underestimated…American Thunder is a show stopper!  “25 Shot Fan Cake – Part of the “American” series of cakes from Dominator. This cake is intense! Featuring huge multi-layer fan volleys of color and crackle… lots of crackle! Great for finales or just when you want lots of noise and action. Gold comets shoot through delayed crackle mines and break into huge color shells, the shells have delayed crackle that fills the sky with each volley.”


Last but NOT least…the Tumble Weed.  This will be our big finale and we can’t wait!  “9 massive shots of the highest quality brocade from the new premier brand in China.”


This is just a FRACTION of the selection available…be sure to check out the rest of the selection that US Fireworks offers…the best way to buy fireworks online for savings.



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