Give Your Family The Best With Newman’s Own Organics #Review


Newman’s Own is a brand I’m sure we’re all familiar with.  When I hear Newman’s Own I think of quality, great tasting foods with a great cause.  Paul Newman was committed to donating to charitable causes, and the Newman’s Own Foundation continues that tradition today.  All royalties and after tax profits are donated to charity, totaling over $450 million to thousands of charities since 1982.


Did you know that Newman’s Own has a second generation of products?  Newman’s Own Organics is a whole new level of amazingness from a brand you already know and love.


I was sent a variety of products to try out with my family and we couldn’t wait to dive in when we saw the package!


The cookies were a favorite among my children, no surprise there!  What little I got to taste of the cookies were really tasty, especially the Chocolate Chip Cookies and Strawberry Fig Newmans.  My toddler really loved the Chocolate Alphabet Cookies.  We made fun words with her cookies, then she got to dunk and eat them.  The Newman-O’s were really tasty, and in my opinion were better than the big brand chocolate with creme cookies.


More tasty snacks!  The pretzels were perfect as a grab and go snack for the whole family.  We brought along small containers of mustard and peanut butter and fueled our play time at the park with a delicious snack.  Pop’s Corn makes a great movie time snack.  My children and I enjoyed the buttery delight while we watched a movie together…making great memories is what it’s all about.  My kids aren’t raisin fans, but that’s okay with me because that means more for me!  I love the way the Newman’s Own Raisins added a great flavor to my oatmeal raisin protein balls.


My kids and husband are just too quick at devouring everything in the house so I didn’t get to try any of the Licorice Twists, but from what my family tells me, they were AMAZING!  My kids especially liked the sour flavors.  The Peppermints were one item I wasn’t willing to share.  I’m in love with keeping gum and mints in my purse, and I’m also a goat owner!  I couldn’t believe this adorable little guy on the packaging, and the mints are great to boot.  I like my mints strong, and these absolutely hit the spot.

With so many great products available, I’m curious…which ones will you try first??  Be sure to check out Newman’s Own on Facebook for all the latest and greatest news.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***


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