Ensure Accuracy And Great Results Every Time With The Ozeri Touch Professional Kitchen Scale #Review



The Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale is something that I really needed in my life.  After I started my Nutrisystem journey in January I became very aware of serving sizes and EXACTLY what I was putting into my body.  I have been using the general measurements (about 1 cup, about 1/4 cup, etc.) but those were sometimes misleading.  Sometimes a package will say “40 grams or about 5 pieces”.  Problem is, there’s no way of guaranteeing the weight of the product will match the “about 5 pieces” estimate…because that’s just what it is, an estimate.


It doesn’t matter if it’s a solid or a liquid, you can weigh it with the Ozeri Touch scale.  I am LOVING knowing that my portion sizes are correct and that I am not over-doing it or short-changing myself.  I like that I can create a recipe with the help of the Ozeri scale and know that the results will be the same every time.  Sometimes that “about 1 cup” or “about 1/4 cup” can be totally different from the suggested weight and completely throw everything off.

The Ozeri Touch Professional Scale achieves it’s accuracy with 4 perfectly placed GFX sensors.  You can weigh as little as 1 gram, or as much as 18 lbs with ease and perfection.  The tempered glass top is a great addition to the design.  It is 4 times stronger than regular glass and has held up quite well to the abuse of my busy (and hectic) kitchen.  One feature that I really appreciate is the automatic shut-off.  After 2 minutes of inactivity the scale will shut itself off to conserve battery power which has already come in handy a couple of times.  Sometimes life gets the best of me and distractions happen and I just plain get absent minded.  It’s nice knowing that if I do walk away from my scale while it’s on it will shut down and be ready to go next time I need to use it.

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***


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