Week 23 On Nutrisystem…Where Has The Time Gone?? #NSNation #Ad


Week 23 on the Nutrisystem plan is here already…where in the world has the time escaped to?  It seems like just yesterday I was starting my Turbo week eager to start feeling healthier and better about myself.  This morning’s weigh in shows a loss of 1.4 lbs last week for a total of 33.4 lbs!  If you would’ve told me 23 weeks ago I’d weigh what I do now, I’d have laughed in your face!  I’m finding myself reaching for clothes that are actually form fitting rather than big and baggy to hide myself.  I feel great wearing size appropriate clothes and my husband loves the confidence I’m gaining (as do I!)

As with anything, there will be good and bad days regardless of how strong or determined you are.  This week I had a mostly great days but there were a couple of days that were hard to get through.  The good:


I experimented with making no-bake protein balls and I’m so glad I did!  I found a couple recipes online that I really liked and changed them up just a bit to serve my needs.  Each recipe is made with ground flax seed, honey, coconut, oats, and a few other things depending on which one we’re talking about.  I added my favorite vanilla protein powder to ramp up the protein and each one can qualify as a powerfuel OR a smartcarb and have become my new favorite go-to snack.  I’m loving relying on less pre-packaged foods and taking complete control over what goes into my body.

And now…the bad 😦


This week my good friend Becky was called to Heaven.  Tuesday evening she lost her battle to stage 4 brain cancer and we had to say our goodbyes to an angel among us.  It was a complete shock to all who knew her.  She had been feeling kinda bad, but not horrible.  Doctors were talking about remission on the near horizon and we all thought in a short time we’d have our old Beckster back.  Her cancer became very aggressive and 2 weeks prior to her passing she was put into hospice care and was medicated with a constant morphine drip.  She fought as hard as she could but eventually just couldn’t continue any more.

Now, I’m not a big alcohol drinker.  At all.  If I do have a drink it’s something girly, and excessively high in calories.  I did a lot of research about the calories in various adult beverages and came across what I thought was the best option for me.  I found a rum that was 51 calories per fl oz, allowing me a few drinks depending on what it’s mixed with.  I chose Diet Coke as my mixer (no calories but it does contain aspartame which can affect weight loss so be careful!) and allowed myself a few drinks staying within my calories for the day.  Might I have lost more without the drinks?  Sure!  But, I chose to have a few drinks, remember my friend, and grieve my loss….and I don’t regret it one bit!

Part of the Nutrisystem plan is learning to live in the real world in a healthy way.  Before Nutrisystem I would’ve chosen to indulge in as many drinks of whatever I wanted without thought.  Now I am much more aware of every single thing I consume, and I’m thankful for the way Nutrisystem is teaching me to live a healthy, realistic lifestyle.

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Nutrisystem is providing (Stephany of Stephany’s Sweet Life) with their program free of charge for their participation in their blogger program: Nutrisystem Nation Blogger program. All of my thoughts and opinion are my own. My opinion may differ from yours. See my disclosure statement for more info.


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