Make Your Mouth Happy With Chef’s Cut Real Jerky #Review #Giveaway


Until now, in my opinion, jerky has all been the same, just jerky.  Chef’s Cut Real Jerky has blown my mind with their incredible beef, turkey, bacon, and chicken jerky.  I’m sure you’re wondering what makes Chef’s Cut so special, and there are a couple good reasons for their top notch product.  Chef’s Cut Real Jerky is hand-sliced and only made from the best cuts of steak and white breast meat.  Attention to detail and quality goes into every batch from the cut of meat to the seasonings.  As soon as you open a bag of Chef’s Cut you’ll immediately be able to see what sets them above the rest.


I received a DELICIOUS assortment of jerky from Chef’s Cut!  They sent me steak jerky in Original Recipe and Chipotle Cracked Pepper, turkey jerky in Teriyaki flavor, chicken jerky in Buffalo Style and Honey Barbecue, and bacon jerky in Sriracha, Maple, and Applewood.  I can’t even describe the snack heaven that myself and my family have been over the past week.


The Bacon Jerky was the highest demand among my children.  I mean, what kid doesn’t like bacon?  Turn it into jerky and kids go CRAZY!  I was able to try a couple pieces from each before the kids devoured it but what I did have was amazing!  I put some of the Sriracha jerky on my Nutrisystem chicken sandwich for dinner and it was the best idea I think I may have ever had.  Totally tasty and because all Chef’s Cut products are SUPER high in protein, they all fit into my Nutrisystem plan as a powerfuel, YAY!!


The chicken jerky kinda had me questioning it at first.  I had never heard of chicken jerky, but based on my experience taste testing their products so far I figured it was probably pretty good.  I’m so glad I tried it!  Once I did I made these off limits to my kids.  The Buffalo Style was my absolute favorite…it tasted just like hot wings!  The Honey Barbecue was sweet and delightful, just like BBQ’d chicken.


The steak jerky was just like everything else from Chef’s Cut…AMAZING!  I have a hard time finding snacks that are easy to grab and go that the whole family likes but these came in pretty handy!  We live in a rural area and when we go grocery shopping it’s usually about 4 hours minimum that we’re out and about (80 minutes drive time to and from the store).  Being away from home that long can make the kids cranky, and I usually have to pack multiple snacks so that I can have something if I get hungry as well.  The Chef’s Cut steak jerky’s saved our butts last trip into town!  We were all able to enjoy one snack and everyone was silently “mmmmmmm”-ing as they were enjoying the deliciousness.


The turkey jerky was totally delicious!  It really didn’t even taste like turkey, but that’s not a bad thing.  The flavor is absolutely perfect…you can tell a lot of time is put into these recipes to maximize the flavor to perfection.


Chef’s Cut  has been generous enough to sponsor a giveaway as well!  One lucky winner will receive a Deluxe Variety Pack (8 bags) valued at $70!  Giveaway will begin 06/13/16 at midnight EST and will end 06/20/16 midnight EST. Winners will have 48 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen. All giveaway entries will be validated. Winners are randomly selected.  Click the link below to enter:

Enter The Chef’s Cut Giveaway Here!!!


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***


16 thoughts on “Make Your Mouth Happy With Chef’s Cut Real Jerky #Review #Giveaway

  1. I most want to try the honey barbecue flavored jerky. I hope that I’m commenting in the right place for the giveaway.

  2. I’m excited to try the turkey jerky in the teriyaki flavor! If I win, I plan to hide this stash in my sock drawer..just kidding. I’m going to share with my family..I guess… 😀

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