Give Your Family The Best With GoMacro #Review


You all know that I am on a journey to a healthier happier me this year, and I’ve become very conscious of what I’m putting in my body.  Convenient snacks that I feel GOOD about feeding myself and my family are few and far between so I’m always on the hunt for new options.  After learning a little bit about GoMacro, the decision to try them out was a no-brainer.


GoMacro makes their bars from ONLY natural ingredients.  If nature doesn’t produce it, they don’t use it.  Each bar is organic, vegan, soy-free, and kosher.  GoMacro has the whole community in mind and has produced a yummy snack that anyone can enjoy.  What’s even better is that the bars are minimally processed, meaning they make their food from the grains, nuts, seeds, plants, and natural sweeteners used by traditional cultures use throughout the world.  GoMacro also took careful consideration with the packaging they put their products in.  The packaging is made form 100% post consumer waste.


GoMacro was kind enough to send me a variety case of their MacroBar Mini’s.  I received a total of 12 flavors including: peanut butter, sesame butter and dates, cherries and berries, sunflower butter and chocolate, peanut butter chocolate chip, granola and coconut, coconut +almond butter+chocolate chips, almond butter and carob, apples and walnuts, cashew butter, banana and almond butter, and cashew carmel.

Each bar is right around 100 calories so even though I stick to a specific diet, it meets my diet needs and I can add in a GoMacro bar any time I’d like one.  They are SUPER tasty, and give me a nice little kick of natural energy to help me tackle my day.  My kids also like the GoMacro bars, they think it’s a type of candy bar and I’ll let it stay that way.  It’s really convenient to just be able to grab one snack for the whole family rather than multiple snacks, and I love that I’m feeding my family something healthy while they think they’re indulging in something I normally wouldn’t allow.  GoMacro bars are welcome in this busy mama’s household any day of the week!!


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***


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