Spoil Dad With The Hammacher Schlemmer High Definition Camera Drone #Review


When you hear the name Hammacher Schlemmer, you should automatically know great things are to follow.  With Father’s Day just around the corner I figured what better time to try out a high-tech toy that any man would love?  It seems like drones are at the top of every man’s list, so I couldn’t wait to try out the High Definition Camer Drone available from Hammacher.


I love the visual appeal this sleek drone offers.  The colors are really attractive, it is designed well, and is lightweight to boot.  The controls are easy to operate so even a novice like myself can have fun.


The drone responds quickly to the remote control commands, and it is A LOT of fun to fly!  You can control forward, backward, up, and down.  You can also make the drone do flips mid-air which are always an attention grabber to even a non-drone-enthusiast.  It can be pretty windy where I live, and I thought it would make it a little bit hard to take the drone up outdoors, but it handles really well and has a lot of power to be able to fight off the wind.


As if everything else great about this drone weren’t enough, I was really impressed with the HD camera equipped on it.  It takes video and pictures at 1280×720 HD which allows for crystal clear images.  This awesome drone is equipped with gyro stabilization so your video is always clear, never shaky.  Matter of fact…two of those three images in the collage above are screenshots from video, and one is a still image.  Can you tell which is which?  I bet you can’t, because the video is just THAT good.

I hoped to be impressed by the High Definition Camera Drone, but I got so much more than I expected.  There is really nothing left to desire and is great for a beginner, or someone experienced.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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