My Experience With The Copper Chef Pan



Copper Chef Corporate office contacted me and is sending a replacement.  I will keep you updated on the pan’s performance 🙂

***SECOND UPDATE*** Same issues with the replacement pan, I will no longer try to find a working Copper Chef pan.  I was informed by the person handling my call that there were many others having these issues.  I think it’s safe to say that these pans aren’t worth a dollar.  I have found Ozeri Green Earth Pans and they are amazing if you’re looking for a great pan.


I’m sure you’ve all heard about these so called “wonderful” Copper Chef pans.  I KNOW a lot of you have, because I had numerous requests to review them.  I could not manage to get ahold of anyone at the company to ask about a review, so I bought one out of pocket in hopes to shed a little light on them for you all.  I bought my pan at an As Seen On TV Store in Las Vegas which is a 2 hour drive (one-way) from me.  I got home and opened the pan, and the edges had some knicks from shipping but nothing I couldn’t live with.  At first, I was impressed and thought it was a great pan.  I followed the care instructions very carefully from day one because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t wasting my money and ruining the pan by not caring for it.

After a few days there were a couple small spots that started sticking.  Eventually, the whole pan had issues with food sticking so I started adding butter or oil so my food didn’t get ruined.  Well, now the whole pan is ruined.  Eggs got stuck on so badly that I can not get it out, even after scrubbing!


So, I did what anyone would do, and called the store I bought it from.  I was told to contact Copper Chef because they are the one who backs their product, not the store selling it.  So, I emailed customer service.  Twice.  Nothing.  Not a response.  I reached out to Copper Chef via Twitter and was told to use their live chat function.  Here’s how that scenario played out:





Okay, I’m a little frustrated at this point, but I called the number I was provided with.  I was told that I have to take it back to the store I bought it from.  Really?  I informed the customer service rep I called the store, and was told to contact Copper Chef directly.  THEN, I got hung up on.  So, I wasted my money, and really have a bad taste in my mouth both from the bad customer service, AND the burnt food.

Bottom line, DO NOT BUY THE COPPER CHEF PAN!!!  If you should have issues with it, you will not get a refund, replacement, NOTHING!!

11 thoughts on “My Experience With The Copper Chef Pan

    • Buy GOTHAM STEEL copper pans. They truly are what they say. I bought the Copper Chef pans and they are PUKE!!! I hate them and couldn’t get a refund, either. Replacement, yes…only if I paid the shipping to and from.

  1. Think that’s bad? The pan, with very normal use, cracked my ceramic stovetop! Getting through to anybody who can suggest anything other than going back to the store from which I purchased it is almost impossible. It’s going to cost me $300 to replace the glass. NOT HAPPY!

    • Wow! That’s awful! I replaced all my pans with the Green Earth line from Ozeri. The replacement pan Copper Chef sent me had the same issues and was tossed in the trash. I really had high hopes when I purchaded the copper chef but it was nothing but a headache. I can’t believe they won’t help you out! All I can suggest is flood their social media until someone responds…sadly I think the only reason it worked for me that way is because of the # of followers I have 😦

    • They are truly awful pan! If you’re looking for really good pans I’ve replaced mine with Ozeri Green Earth pans. They’re available on Amazon and they work amazingly well. Each pan also comes with a felt protector to keep them protected if you stack them like I do. The Ozeri pans are awesome pans all the way around

  2. I hope I don’t have the same lack-of-customer-service you had! I emailed them tonight that my pan is not flat on the interior bottom. Smaller pieces of meat slide to the four corners while cooking. I felt that that might be a warping defect in the manufacturing process.
    I actually ordered two of these sets of pans and gave one as a gift for Christmas, I haven’t asked it they are experiencing the same issue.
    As for your sticking issue, I read in the directions, before using mine, that this product (1) scratches and (2) you must use silicon coated utensils. This is two things that is not mentioned in the TV Commercial with the Chef. I say NOT to use spray-on no stick pan produces like Pam Sprays. If I had known that I would have gotten the Red Copper version of this pan from their competition. It does not scratch. I wonder if your food is sticking due to scratches?

  3. The worst customer service ever! Rude and abrupt. I return my order after a few weeks the pan was chipped. Per copper chef my refund was credited to PayPal on 1/25/2017. However, paypay did not receive my refund. Made several calls- I was told that department was closed, call again today was told the same thing, this time I was advised “the part dept closed at 3:00 pm”, the CUSTOMER SERICE REP WAS RUDE. If I don’t receive my refund I’ll contact FTC!!!

  4. I appreciate all of the postings above and wish I’d seen them before I tried the Copper Chef Pots and Pans. I bought 2 sets (5qt pots & 11in? frying pans & cooktops) for $269. None of them performed as seen on TV. The food would nearly burn in the middle while being only half cooked on the edges. They all seem to warp or a dome would rise in the center of each item. The non-stick quality was the only feature that seemed good. After returning the sets, I was out of $113.96 ($48.96 paid for Copper Chef to ship the items to me and $65.00 paid by me to USPS to return the items). I had to work through a supervisor and two levels of customers service sections, but finally got some relief. I explained that the shipping & handling was greatly underestimated up front and that the cost of $113.96 to find out the product did not perform as promised was an expensive lesson in what “NOT” to do again. The customer service rep then agreed to refund the portion of shipping & handling paid to them ($48.96). So in the end… it cost me the $65.00 return fee, but I felt some justification and appreciated them meeting me part-way. Better than losing the entire $113.96 for a totally bad experience. Hope this helps someone else.

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