See How Jabra Changed The Ear Bud Game With The Sport Pulse #Review


The next generation in ear bud technology is here. Jabra has introduced the Sport Pulse ear buds and they are fabulous!


My husband and I have tried many brands and styles of ear bud to no avail. We were never able to find something (no matter what price range) that ended up lasting more than just a week. Between my fitness training and my husbands demanding, hard job we’ve gone through a small fortune in ear buds.  I was really eager to see how well the Jabra Sport Pulse performed, so I let my husband try them out since he would put them through much more abuse than me.


My husband literally moves houses for a living. This involves him being under houses all day long, and if that weren’t enough, we live in Arizona. It’s hot, sweaty, dusty, dirty, and downright miserable. Listening to music while he’s working helps his day pass much smoother but so far nothing has worked for him. Jabra Sport Pulse ear buds are built towards US Military rain, shock, sand, and dust standards so I figured if anything would withstand my hubbys abuse, these would.

His first day using the Jabra Sport Pulse ear buds he came home in a great mood. He was able to listen to his favorite music all day long and was able to leave his phone in the truck so he didn’t have one extra thing in his way. Two weeks later and these things are STILL holding true to their promise to perform.

A really nice feature is also the ability to monitor your heart rate and analyze your physical activity. The Jabra Sport Life app is easy to install and use, making the whole experience very pleasant. You can even plan your workout right from the app!

Jabra really thought of everything when designing the Sport Pulse ear buds and leaves nothing to be desired. Now…I just need to get a pair for myself so I don’t regret letting my husband have them.  (You can also purchase a pair for yourself here.)

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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