Indulge In Bakery Favorites With IHOP #Review


If you haven’t heard of the Bakery Favorites from IHOP, I have to question whether you live under a rock.  The Bakery Favorites are a HUGE hit, and are being talked about everywhere.  If by some chance you HAVEN’T heard of these delectable treats, here’s a little glimpse of what you’re missing:


Each of these Bakery Favorite items – perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner – was inspired by the flavors and nostalgic memories of delicious bakery treats like yummy cupcakes, warm cinnamon rolls, and rich red velvet cake:

  • NEW! Cupcake Pancakes – IHOP restaurants’ signature buttermilk pancakes filled with festive rainbow sprinkles, then topped with cupcake icing, and whipped topping.
  • NEW! Red Velvet Crepe – A delicate, chocolaty crepe filled with IHOP restaurants’ sweet cream cheese, drizzled with cream cheese icing.
  • Cinnamon Swirl Brioche French Toast – Thick slices of Brioche French toast topped with rich cinnamon roll filling and delicious cream cheese icing.

All three of the Bakery Favorites looked incredibly delicious, but the Cupcake Pancakes had my name all over them.  I knew myself and my family needed to go to IHOP and try out some of the deliciousness.


I went slightly off my diet for one meal, and I don’t regret one bite.  The Cupcake Pancakes were everything I hoped they’d be based off the commercials I had seen.  The pancakes were the perfect balance of cupcake and pancake, and I hope they become a regular item on the menu!  I could seriously eat them every single day!

Not only were the pancakes the absolute image of perfection, but the rest of our meal was perfect, service was great, and the restaurant was super clean.  Make sure you visit you’re nearest IHOP and try these out before they’re gone!


***I received a gift card toward the cost of my meal in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.***

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