Spice Up Your Cinco De Mayo With The Ninja Auto IQ Pro Compact System

image005 (1).jpg

The Ninja Auto-IQ Pro Compact System is the perfect way to spice up your Cinco De Mayo this year!  Whether you want to make a delicious salsa, or a delicious margarita, the Ninja Auto-IQ has you covered!  There are a couple recipes I think would be perfect for the Cinco De Mayo holiday but remember to check out all of the Ninja Auto-IQ recipes to see if there’s something else you’d love to create.


There’s nothing more refreshing than a Classic Margarita, and no better day to enjoy one than Cinco De Mayo.  The recipe is simple and easy to follow with a delicious result:


1 lime, peeled, cut in half

1 lemon, peeled, cut in quarters

1/3 cup orange juice

¼ cup Triple sec

2/3 cup Tequila

4 cups ice



Container: 56-ounce Pitcher

  1. Place all of the ingredients into the Pitcher in the order listed.
  2. Turn unit ON and select the “Auto-iQ™ FROZEN DRINKS/SMOOTHIES” program.


NINJA® Know-How: Substitute frozen strawberries for the ice in this recipe and make a delicious strawberry margarita.


I can’t wait to try this tasty looking Fiery Orange Salsa!  I think I’ll be taking a trip to the store tomorrow for some fresh ingredients!!


½ cup orange juice

¼ cup lime juice

¾ cup sweet chili sauce

1 small yellow onion, peeled and quartered

2 medium tomatoes, quartered

1 green onion, cut in half

4 garlic cloves, peeled

1/3 cup fresh basil

1/3 cup fresh cilantro

1 spicy red or orange pepper, seeded, cut in half



  1. Place ingredients into the 40 oz. blender and pulse until chunky-smooth to your preference.
  2. Serve over chicken, fish or with tortilla chips.


The Ninja Auto-IQ is really a versatile machine, to see some of the things I’ve been able to create with it, check out my Ninja Auto-IQ review.


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