Surprise Mom With Bauli Mini Croissants This Year


If you haven’t heard of Bauli Mini Croissants yet, they’re simply the best thing that you’ve been missing your whole life.  Authentic Italian food that you will buy again and again.

In 1922 Ruggero began as a baker’s boy in Verona, learning traditional Italian and Habsburg baking techniques and recipes. He learned the ancient recipe for Pandoro di Verona the traditional Italian holiday cake and one of the greatest authentic Italian holiday cakes.  In 1927 he left Verona on the Princess Mafalda steamship to bring his craft beyond Italy and seek his fortune in America. He was among the few survivors when the steamship wrecked, and he went on to make his fortune as planned.  He opened a confectioner’s shop, employing 40 workers. Fast forward to 1950 and Ruggero began Pandoro production according to its ancient traditional recipe, but on an industrial scale, creating the first high quality product of its kind.  In the 1990’s Bauli officially presented the first Italian-style”ready-to-eat” croissants to it’s offering of holiday specialty cakes and pastries, and the rest is history.


I got to try both the Chocolate and Vanilla mini croissants and they were amazing!  Super flaky and tender with just the right amount of filling.  I really enjoy the size because even on the Nutrisystem program, I was able to fit them in without spoiling my day.  What a decadent treat!  With a family of 5 the small bags didn’t last long, so you can count on my buying some in the near future, and possibly stashing them in my closet. (Hey, don’t judge me! HAHA!)

If the mother or father in your life enjoys sweet items, the Bauli Mini Croissants are a great gift to give.

***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***

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