Week 13 On Nutrisystem…Learning To Live In The “Real” World #NSNation #Ad



Week 13 is officially here which means new progress to share, YAY!!  This week has been a fantastic week filled with walking and healthy choices.  As of this morning I have lost another 1.6 lbs to make my total for the first 12 weeks 20 lbs!  Can you believe it?!

While the weight loss is great, a big part of the Nutrisystem lifestyle is learning how to make the right choices in a world where temptation and junk food are literally on every corner.  I’m pretty lucky and don’t deal with that like most people do.  I live in a very rural area and it’s a 30 minute drive to the closest anything (store, doctor, hospital, fast food, etc.) along with a 5 mile trek of dirt roads to get to my house from the main highway.  This past week my willpower and decision making was put to the test.  My family and I took a road trip to Las Vegas for the day and had so much fun.  We went to the biggest mall I’ve ever seen and were there for 5 hours (and I still don’t think we found every store!), then we went to Toys R Us to let the kids have a mini-shopping spree, and finally we went to Chuck E. Cheese where the kids had an absolute blast.  I allowed myself to indulge within reason (I had to have a Starbucks frappuccino) along with making healthy decisions when we ate, and I was still able to see a higher than usual weight loss week, even having one day off plan.

I think it’s about that time where I share that always embarrassing ‘before’ photo with you all as well as my current progress picture.  With the loss being at 20 lbs now it’s a bit easier to see the difference, and it’s proof positive that if you just follow the Nutrisystem plan, IT WORKS!!!



I hope you all continue to follow me on my weight loss journey…I can’t wait to share my progress on my way to my goal weight.  Only 35 more lbs to go!


Nutrisystem is providing (Stephany of Stephany’s Sweet Life) with their program free of charge for their participation in their blogger program: Nutrisystem Nation Blogger program. All of my thoughts and opinion are my own. My opinion may differ from yours. See my disclosure statement for more info.

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