Spending Quality Family Fun Time At Chuck E Cheese


I hope you all were able to make it to Little Big Night Out at Chuck E Cheese last week!  My family and I went and had an absolutely great time!  We visited the location at 9230 S Eastern Ave in Las Vegas, NV and I have to say that our visit was spectacular.  The manager that was there during our visit, Bryanna, was super nice and full of energy, always checking on someone making sure the visit is a pleasant one.


The establishment was surprisingly clean for a place where kids rule the roost.  There were so many games to play that my kids (and my overgrown man-child aka my husband) didn’t know what to play first!



It was really hard to get pictures of all of the fun…my family was all over the place and I wanted to put the phone down and join them in the fun.  We had a blast playing the games and working up an appetite for dinner.


Chuck E Cheese recently revamped their pizza and the result is fabulous.  As you all know I am on the Nutrisystem program so I limited myself to one slice, and it was so incredibly hard not to have half a pizza!  As you can tell, my family (and myself) were antsy to taste the deliciousness so I wasn’t able to get a picture of the whole pies.  The pizza tastes better than anything  you can order for delivery, so make sure to get an extra to take home!  My kids loved taking some of the leftover pizza to school for lunch.

My kids were each allowed a turn in the ticket blaster and they thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.  The pictures speak for themselves…they enjoyed every single second of being blasted with tickets.




They were told there was only one rule, no picking up tickets off the ground, the tickets had to be in the air.  My oldest son went first and he figured he would use his shirt to catch the tickets, which actually worked really well.  Of course, little brother and littler sister followed suit and tried that for themselves as well.


After all the playing, there’s even more fun cashing in tickets and getting prizes!  (The boxing set was not a prize won with tickets, that was available for $9.99 with the other souvenirs so I purchased it for my daughter.)  There were a few other small prizes not pictured like sheriff badges, candy, and bracelets.


You know you had a successful trip to Chuck E Cheese when this is your child 10 minutes after getting in the car.  She exhausted herself!  My boys were able to stay awake for the 2 hour ride home, but they slept like little angels that evening.  I see more trips to Chuck E Cheese in the near future…we had so much fun and we all can’t wait to go back.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***


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