New From Pillow Pets….Sweet Scented Pets Just In Time For Valentine’s Day


If you have a child, chances are you know what Pillow Pets are.  There is a new line called Sweet Scented Pets that would make the PERFECT Valentine’s Day gift for your little one.  Meet the new pets:


  • Cookie Pup brings the smell of just out of the oven chocolate chip cookies
  • Gummi Pup has the fruity flavor of one of our favorite chewy candy’s
  • PupCake is right for any occasion with her delicious scent of fresh cupcakes with sugary vanilla frosting.
  • Watermelon Ladybug is bursting with the flavor of a juicy watermelon

I have been offered a special treat for all of my readers…a free gift with purchase!  Simply enter the code SSBLOG at checkout and receive a free Pillow Pet Poucheez with your order.  Delight your little one this Valentine’s Day with a Sweet Scented Pet.



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