Help Your Child Gain Confidence With Dry Buddy


Many of you know by now the struggles that my middle child faces with nighttime bed wetting.  I didn’t realize it was more common than I thought until I opened up about the struggles my son faces and learned that many of you have children who struggle with the same issue.  After seeing a few doctors (family practice, general practice, and pediatrician) as well as a couple trips to the urologist, we discovered that there was no physical problems causing this issue, just a matter of brain and bladder not communicating effectively at night.  My son has been pretty disappointed with his wetting issues because it prevents him from enjoying the simple things a ten year old child should be able to enjoy like sleepovers with his friends.  When I came across Dry Buddy I was hopeful that there may be help available for my poor little guy.


The Dry Buddy Flex system comes with everything you’ll need to help your child re-train their body to wake up before the wetting begins.  If your child is a deep sleeper like mine, it may be helpful to buy an extra transceiver so you have one in your room…believe me, the first few nights this will come in VERY handy.


In your box you will find the transceiver and power cord, remote control for transceiver, and the sensor for the Dry Buddy briefs.


The Dry Buddy briefs are super easy to use.  There are snaps at the top where the sensor snaps right in, but you can put the sensor on the front of the briefs as well.  The magnets are super powerful and will hold the sensor in place no matter where you put it.

The general idea is that you will be able to transition away from the Dry Buddy in about 4 weeks time.  I figured if 4 weeks was all it took, count me in!  I was not prepared for how effectively and quickly the system works.

The first couple nights using the Dry Buddy Flex my son’s transceiver went off a few times.  The next couple nights the alarm only went off twice, and the next few nights after that only once.  After only one weeks time, we had a WHOLE NIGHT where the alarm didn’t sound at all!  First thing I did in the morning was check the transceivers and sensor to make sure all were working and they sure as heck were!  We are now FIVE nights dry!!  I was hopeful that the system would work but had my reservations at the same time.  Being that this is an issue we struggled with for years, I wasn’t so sure it would be as easy at the Dry Buddy system retraining the signal to go from brain to bladder effectively.  All of my expectations have been surpassed, and I can’t stop singing songs of praise about Dry Buddy to all of my friends and family who have children who suffer from nighttime wetting as well.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***


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