iRULU 8 Inch 32GB Quad Core Tablet Review


I have been on the hunt for a while for a good tablet that has the Windows operating system.  I love the functionality of Windows, and wanted the portability of a tablet.  Until now I had been let down by the products I was finding.  I got the chance to review the iRULU 8 inch 32 GB Quad Core Tablet and I have been blown away at the things that this amazing little tablet is capable of.



The first thing that I noticed when powering up my iRULU tablet for the first time was the amazing clarity and crispness of the display.  It’s hard to capture in a picture just how clear the images are…this picture does no justice to how beautiful the resolution is.


I do a lot of web surfing, and the built in browser handles everything I have thrown at it.  I’ve tried opening multiple tabs and keeping all tabs busy to see what it takes to slow the iRULU tablet down and so far, nothing has!


The Windows store has plenty of games and apps so you can still use the tablet for all of your favorite games.  I love being able to have the same games I would play on an android system as well as having Microsoft games available like Halo thanks to the Windows operating system.


Games install at lightning speed which was surprising for me.  In just a few seconds you’ll be ready for hours of fun.  This tablet just keeps amazing me at how quickly it does everything.  There is ZERO lag in video or sound when playing games allowing for a more fun, less frustrating gaming experience.


Microsoft office programs are already installed on the iRULU tablet so you can work just as functionally as you can play.  My son was easily able to compose a short story for school, save it, and email it to his teacher all from the comfort of his bed.


Microsoft Excel is also available to help you stay organized and functional.  I have found this to be a great tool to help with budgeting.  I can make a quick spreadsheet and see what finances need to go where for the week.


If you need to make a presentation for anything, iRULU has you covered there as well.  Microsoft PowerPoint makes it easy to work on the go so you can go more places.  Being able to bring your work with you means less time tied to a desktop computer, and more time out enjoying the world.

I had high expectations for the iRULU 8 Inch 32GB Quad Core Tablet and I’m amazed at how much it excelled in every area.  It’s more like a handheld computer, not a tablet.  I can do everything on this tablet that I can do on my desktop computer, and I can do it faster on the tablet!  From browsing the internet, to gaming, to working…the iRULU tablet will handle everything seamlessly leaving nothing additional desired.


***I did not receive any financial compensation, simply the product free to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion***