Get The Best Hair Straightening Brush With Apalus


I’m sure you’ve all seen these digital hair straightening brushes and wondered how well they would work.  I know I was VERY interested to see if they would tame my wild mane so when I got the opportunity to work with Apalus I was so EXTREMELY excited.



When I received the Apalus Digital Hair Straightening Brush I couldn’t wait to use it.  I had already straightened my hair that day so I had to wait until the next day…bummer!  I’m a busy mom of three children so I don’t get to shower until late in the evening when all the kids are laid down.  I end up going to bed with wet hair and waking up with a curly, wild, untamed mane.

I must say, I was not blessed with ‘good hair’.  Some of it is curly, some of it is wavy, the underneath is kinda straight but very frizzy…my hair is just a hot mess.  Nobody but my husband and children see my natural hair, but the only way to prove to you how well it works is to show you the difference that brushing my hair with the Apalus Digital Hair Straightening Brush.

Apalus1.jpgThis is the hot mess I wake up to every day.  I either have to tie it back in a bun or straighten it which up until now, has been a largely time consuming process.


This is after my first use of the Apalus brush.  What a big difference!  Thanks to Apalus, now taming the beast on my head is as simple as brushing my hair!  I didn’t have super high expectations so you can imagine my surprise when it worked so incredibly well.  I couldn’t help but share with my friends and my 2 of my best friends have already purchased the brush for themselves because they know how my hair is and this brush being effective and simple is absolutely astonishing!


***I received a discount on this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.  All opinions and thoughts are my own***


One thought on “Get The Best Hair Straightening Brush With Apalus

  1. That looks great! My hair is similar to yours and I’m becoming a new mum soon so I’ve wanted to find something quick that will work!
    Was there any specific products you used before or after? Like Moroccan oil?

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